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Spray Away: How To Get Your Unique Smell With The Perfumery Workshops At Maison 21G

One-size-fits-all scents, get out of here. Create a unique perfume that only you can wear and scent the brand with the help of Maison 21G.

Although Sephora has a tonne of fragrances on its shelves, finding a unique aroma might be a little trickier. Johanna Monange established Maison 21G with such in mind. You are invited to participate in perfume-creation seminars at this French Haute Parfumerie, where you may combine original scents.

Explore a universe of smells

Universe of smells

We stopped by Maison 21G’s store in Duxton to check it all out, and wow, were we impressed! There are more smells than you can imagine in this chic fragrance shop, which also has a welcoming atmosphere.

The personality questionnaire that precedes the perfume-making session may be taken by scanning the accompanying QR code. Based on the findings and your personality and lifestyle, Maison 21G’s specialists can suggest a variety of perfumes you might like. Do you enjoy a crisp spritz? You prefer picks with citrus and fruit flavors. Need something powerful and seductive? You’ll be voting for smoky, deep fragrances.

You’ll be given two sets of suggested smells to sample. You will be asked to choose five of your favorites from the ones that are good enough to sniff. One of my favorites is Ocean Odyssey; it’s like a hug in a bottle and feels warm and cozy like recently laundered linen.

We discovered those smelling coffee beans is definitely not a good idea for your sense of smell. This causes your olfactory system to shut down, similar to when you “force restart” your computer. If you like to use your hand’s back as a palate cleanser in between smells, try that instead.

Need some assistance condensing your selections? Go outside to smell the remaining smells on your list. It turns out that where you sniff them matters-inside or outside!

What’s your signature fragrance?

Signature fragrance

When you’ve chosen your final two, it’s time to create the ideal scent recipe. Since each bottle is 30ml, you must choose the ratio of scents you want to use. Alternatively, leave it to the professionals, who will be pleased to suggest the best formula for you.

Add each aroma to your perfume bottle when the recipe has been processed, then practice your characteristic spritz. At this stage, adjustments can still be done, so don’t hesitate to ask the store’s experts for assistance.

Are you satisfied with your work? The creation of your bottle is the last stage. You may opt to mark it with the name of your perfume or put an image on it. (If you’re stuck for inspiration, we advise just adding your initials.)

A sustainable luxury perfume

Snatching up a premium smell is great, but it’s even better to learn that your trademark scent is natural, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

Yes, Maison 21G is a fragrance company that values the environment!

None of its products contains:

  • Phthalates
  • GMOs
  • CMRs
  • Preservatives.

And what a gorgeous package your fragrance comes in! Without any plastic and completely recyclable.

You should still sign up for its perfume-making session for this reason alone. You don’t have to go alone because Maison 21G also offers programs for couples, families, and groups of friends.

It’s never been simpler to find your distinctive perfume; just make it at Maison 21G and spritz away!

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