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Exceptional Wanderlust Room Decor Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

It said that “our living space reflects our personality”. So, if you’re someone who is looking forward to traveling, or already pursuing your dreams, then you’re at the right spot. Your home or room must portray your love for traveling.

Traveling and exploring widens one’s horizons with different geographical locations and cultures. You can add a travel theme to your space in many intelligent ways.

Room Decor Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

So, check out some unique ways to bring your passion to your area with unique design and room decor ideas.

Opt for a Wall Artwork Which Shares Your Dreams

Wall artworks are essential in any space as they bring focal points, texturing, and layering to the walls. So, ditch the boring wall arts and go for fantastic ones depicting oceans, deserts, mountains, world maps, and much more. These illustrations on material like canvas will bring out the travel themes gracefully.

You can hang these premium canvases on the living room, just above the couch, or on a large blank wall. So, sort all your dilemmas go through a fantastic range of living room wall art for magnificent wall art styles. The canvas is an outstanding choice as they are durable, premium, lightweight, and comes with protective layering.

Wood Textured World Map Wall Art


Incorporate Suitcase Decor in Your Space

Yes, you read it right. Take the travel theme to a new level with suitcase decor. First, you can repaint your old suitcases with vintage colors and handles with golden hues. Then, palace this suitcase in front of the couch as a coffee table and pile up as side tables.

Also, an exciting way is to use suitcase shelves. They are directly drilled to the wall and look super chic. Place souvenirs like ships, globes, and some pretty plants on them. They look like small suitcases on the wall and look unique.

Also, you can use an old suitcase and bedside table and keep an aesthetic lamp over it. Or place an open suitcase in front of the dressing table to keep your essentials

Show Off Your Souvenirs Aesthetically

Let’s look at some exciting ways to display the travel things.

Awesome Ski Weather Wall Art


Create a Postcard Wall Hanging

Line up all your handwritten postcards from different locations. You can frame them in a wooden glass frame. Or, you can hang them with wooden clips to a rope. It will be an informative and conversational element of your home.

Display Your Travel Tickets

Add all your travel tickets to a large mason jar and decorate the jar with jute ropes or string lights. Then, place it on a pretty table with all travel and vintage showpieces. It will look like a trophy of your achievements.

Create a Gallery Wall

Northern Lights Wall Art


A wall full of memories is a must. Photo print and frame all your random shots, group photos, and mount on the wall to create a gallery wall. Suppose you’re an aspiring traveler; download photos of famous natural spots and monuments to curate perfect gallery walls.

In that case, the display will look good in the living room, bedroom, or staircase wall. This customization will look so perfect and motivational.

Create a Checklist map web

Oh yes, on a blank wall of any roof of your house, install a corkboard, canvas, or poster map. It can be a map of the United States or even the world. On this extensive map, mark the place you have been to.

Then, take out a thread or string lights toward the wall and paste a photo of the location. This will create a colossal checklist wall amp.

Also, you can pin your favorite location where you’re longing to paste pictures of the place and famous monuments. This large display will look creative and constantly remind you of your achievements and future goals.

Hang Travel Theme Lights

There are some cute lights in the shape of globes that look very chic. You can use this round pendant shape light over your study or on a cozy nook of the room. Also, add light like Moroccan prints from various cultures to a traveler’s look to the room.

Let’s Wrap it

So, calm your zest and decorate your room aesthetically with a travel theme. When you return home after traveling, you must be reminded of your achievements.

And the decor must motivate you to plan the next trip. Also, if you’re dreaming to explore the world, the travel decor will  boost you to chase your dreams.

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