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Cutting Corners Without Compromising: How Network Monitoring Saves Your Business Money

If you are looking trim IT costs for your company, it may sound counter intuitive to buy a tool. But adding a high-quality network monitoring tool will actually help you save money in many ways. Here’s how:

Network Monitoring

1) Preventing and Limiting Outage Costs

IT outages have many causes, including equipment failure and improper configuration. But the results of these outages are all the same: lost productivity. Ask yourself how much money your company losses for every minute of downtime.

A professional network monitoring tool can help your IT people detect problems before they happen, so that you can fix them before they become a money draining issue. They do this by allowing you to visually inspect your entire network, so that you can see things such as equipment degradation.

If a network monitoring tool can prevent even one major outage from occurring, it will likely more than pay for itself.

What’s more, if an outage does occur, a good network monitoring tool will you help you see the problem much faster than you would otherwise, which means you can fix it faster.

2) Making Your IT Department More Productive

IT personnel are a huge expense and a very limited resource. Ideally, you would like to use this resource for building your business and making it more profitable. But you can’t do this if they are spending all their time troubleshooting issues and fixing preventable problems.

Time is money, as they say. and with a quality network monitoring tool your IT team will spend more of it doing something more useful. Just as importantly, as your company grows, this savings of effort could also mean that you don’t have hire as many new people as you might have to hire otherwise.

3) Protecting Against Security Threats

There is something even worse than an IT outage: a cyber attack, such as a data breach. The cost of a data breach can be staggering. It can even destroy your business, especially if the breach involves customer or partner data.

A good network monitoring tool helps you stop attacks before they spread, by allowing you to see any kind of unusual activity on your network, such as a spike in traffic or unauthorized access. Like with outrages, if your networking monitoring tool stops even one major attack from happening, it will more than pay for itself.

4) Improving IT Performance

Improving IT Performance

A professional network monitor tool can further help improve the way your company operates, by showing you bottlenecks as well as potential means of increasing productivity. A good tool can even help you decide when to perform maintenance tasks so that they will have the least impact on your business.

A high-quality network monitoring tool will help your company become more efficient, and that also means more profitable.

The question is not whether a network monitoring tool will help save your company money, but what tool is best for your company. Network monitoring tools from companies like Ipswitch has been proven to be one of the best in the industry. Download free trial of network monitoring software and see for yourself.

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