4 Beginner Blogging Mistakes That Drive Your Readers Mad

Everyone makes beginner blogging mistakes the same way everyone falls when they learn to walk or ride a bike. Making mistakes is not only normal but good for you as they allow you to learn and grow. However, there are some issues that might prevent you from ever becoming a ‘non-beginner’ because they ruin your blog’s chances of ever taking off.

4 Beginner Blogging Mistakes You Need to Fix Right Now

Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

1) Auto-loading music on your website

A good tune can help you win over more attention and affection from your readers. However, auto-loading melodies that pop out of nowhere and can’t be shut down are annoying instead of pleasant. No matter how great the music is, it’s sure to cause more frustration than satisfaction to your website’s visitors.

Bear in mind that auto-loading music also eats up a lot of bandwidth and slows down your website overall. This can’t be allowed as 40% of visitors will abandon your website if it loads for 3 seconds or more.

2) Using a not good enough hosting

Beginner bloggers use shared hosting, which is wise and cost-efficient. However, going for the cheapest option will be a mistake. Remember that stat about loading speeds? You need a good hosting for your website to be fast and stable even without additional bandwidth-hoggers, like auto-loading audio and video files.

Best Web Hosting

One of the most common beginner blogging mistakes is believing that you can’t host your website with a renowned provider. However, taking a bit of time to research your options will prove you wring fast. For example, you can get 70% off on the deal with a HostGator promo code. You can also find similar special discounts from all major reputed hosting providers. Just be sure to pay attention to their renewal fees before signing up.

3) Not targeting the right audience

Your readers will get frustrated and ditch your blog very fast if the content doesn’t relate to them the right way. For example, offering advice on life choices from the persona of an aging college professor won’t make your targeted group of enthusiastic but lost 20-somethings to like your blog.

In order to be successful, your blog must not only cover the topics your targeted audience is interested in but also communicate your message in the right way. The best way to learn how to do this is to study successful blogs in your niche. You also should check out other blogs popular with your targeted audience to see if you can ‘borrow’ something from their style.

4) Inconsistent content and writing style

This is one of the most troublesome beginner blogging mistakes. On one hand, as a beginner you’ll need to experiment. This will help you develop the approach that works best for your audience.

On the other hand, turning your blog into a mismatched mix of every content and writing style will prevent you from developing an identity your readers can relate to.

The solution is to aim for the golden middle. Establish something that will be unique to your blog from the very start and be sure to stick to that style mostly. You can allow occasional experiments to see if other styles will work better. You can even get the readers involved by creating polls and surveys. This will boost their interest and loyalty.

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