The Top Five DVD Copy Software for Windows/Mac

Videos are the most widely consumed formats. There are times when we need to rip or copy DVDs or Blu-Ray discs into other video formats. DVDFab DVD Copy has been one of the highly rated DVD copy software. Though it is an excellent option when it comes to backing up or ripping your DVDs and BDs, there are times you may look for alternatives. We present you our top five DVD Copy software tools of 2017.

Best DVD Copy Software In 2018

Best DVD Copy Softwares 2017

1) DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy Software has been one of the best choices when it comes to an alternative DVD Ripper tool. The firm located in China offers a wider range of different products. You can choose the entire suite, or buy the individual components.

The DVDFab DVD Copy is a tool that helps you copy even an ISO image to your desktop or laptop. We would rate it as the best DVD Copier software with its absolute power and flexibility. We liked the multiple copy options it provides you. DVDFab has six different copy modes to choose from. Right from a full disc copy to partial files, you have the complete control over what you would want to do with your DVDs or BDs.

The UI is one of the features that should draw you to DVDFab. Even a newbie can easily understand and operate the tools.

2) AnyDVD

If you do not want your DVD Copy tools not to draw much power, you can go for AnyDVD. The tool can also remove region restrictions from your DVD files.

AnyDVD can be a perfect choice for ripping DVDs, Audio CDs and BDs. It can also restore your scratched discs and help you get back your precious files. The best part with this tool is that it reduces the size of the output so that it can fit on portable media as well.

The software removes the subtitles from your videos and also other warning messages from the files. AnyDVD is also capable of improving the playback speed on your player.

3) HandBrake

HandBrake has been along since long. In fact, it is one of the tools that has been widely used for saving or converting your DVD or BD files.

The best part of the tool is it does support a wider range of codecs. The tool is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The free to use software can be used to convert any DVD file that has no copy protection enabled.

The interface of the tool can be a little daunting. Beginners may feel it tough to understand the software. However, if you want a best in class transcoding experience, HandBrake can be your best choice.

4) MakeMKV

As the name itself indicates, MakeMKV lets you convert any video file in any format into MKV format. MKV being one of the widely used formats, it should be a good choice if your desktop or laptop has no support for other advanced formats.

The software excels with a faster performance when it comes to copying your DVDs or BDs. A complete DVD can be copied and converted in just under 90 minutes. It should be worth mentioning here that the tool preserves all the details including subtitles.

Kindly note that MakeMKV cannot compress the video files on your DVD or Blu-Ray disc. It will copy the files as they are. If you want to compress the files to save space or make your files more portable, you may need to opt for any other option like DVDFab DVD Copy software with additional options.

DVD Copy Software 207

5) FormatFactory

Format Factory is yet another well known name when it comes to a perfect DVD copy tools. It can convert the files on your DVD or BD into multiple file formats like WMV and FLV.

The tool can also be used to make audio conversions and other single file actions. FormatFactory can also be used to restore your damaged disc. If you want to store the video files on a portable disc, you can shrink the file size to suit your needs.

FormatFactory comes with a great set of tools for your Audio and Video conversion needs. It is one of the faster DVD copy software tools. The user interface is quite user friendly. The tool also offers you email support in case you have any issues.

If a free and efficient DVD Copy software is what you are looking forward to, FormatFactory can be your perfect choice.

The Final Thoughts

Well, that would conclude our top picks for the best DVD Copy Software tools you can opt for in 2017. Though almost all of them have their own set of excellent features, we would treat DVDFab DVD Copy software to be a great option if you are someone looking forward to the performance. The tool is quite effective with performance. Unlike most other tools featured here, DVDFab DVD Copy offers you multiple choices so that you can use the feature that most suits your needs.

What would you think about DVD Copy software tools featured here in this list of top five picks? Which of the above tools would you prefer for your requirements? Do share your views and opinions with us. If you have used any of the software listed above, please share your experiences with us.

If you have any better DVDFab DVD Copy alternatives in your view, we will welcome you to share your opinion with us so that your experience will help our readers. 🙂

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    DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the best DVD copier, DVD cloner and DVD burner. It can not only read the disk files but also can take backup any DVD disc, ISO file or folder.

    DVDFab DVD Copy is very popular worldwide and is known for its power and flexibility. Today, In majority people uses windows platform and it is really well organized software to copy DVD in this platform.

    I’ve used this software and have amazing experience with it. Eventually, thanks for exploring these potential softwares.

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