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Great Towns And Cities To Raise A Family In The USA

Choosing somewhere to raise your family in a country as large and sprawling as the USA can often feel impossible. This is partly due to the huge number of places to choose from and the pros and cons each place will offer. These factors will range from crime levels and safety, local economy and jobs, education access and quality, and several other things that may matter more to you than the next person.

Raising a family is no easy job, and the place you live can greatly impact that difficulty level. This is why it’s important to choose the best place possible based on what you can afford and what sorts of things each state offers to ensure you’re providing your family with a great place to live and thrive. To help you with this choice, we’ve listed a few great towns and cities for you to consider moving to and raising your family.

The Great Towns

Arlington, VA

Our first place on the list, which by no means trumps the other great locations we’ll discuss, is the city of Arlington in the state of Virginia. This wonderful city boasts a very low unemployment rate, which is roughly 40% lower than the national average, so you’ll have much more success when it comes to sourcing a career here.

Arlington is also home to some amazing educational establishments, including one of the renowned Virginia Tech research centers and Marymount University. The state is rich in history, with plenty of fascinating points of interest around the area. Arlington is also home to many great kid-friendly events and locations, such as the county fair and the many parks around the city.

The Woodlands, TX

Health, safety, and security are some of the best words to attribute to The Woodlands in Texas. This family-friendly area is well known for having low crime rates, making parents feel much more secure and comfortable with raising their young family there.

When it comes to health, The Woodlands has a number of highly rated clinics and hospitals, and it’s also very close to Houston, which is home to some of the world’s best medical centers.

The Woodland’s real estate market is booming, making it a great place to invest in property. The suburban location offers residents a calm, nature-filled lifestyle without feeling isolated.

Columbia, MD

The state of Maryland experiences some wonderful weather and is home to some of the country’s most beautiful scenery on the east coast. The state boasts some wonderful beaches and some of the best lakes and rivers around, so it is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Columbia is a community nestled between Washington and Baltimore and offers residents a wonderful small-town vibe with easy access to some of the state’s best urban areas and amenities. There are lots of great things to do around Columbia, both as a family and for parents to unwind in the evenings at a bar or nightclub.

Cybersecurity and IT is one of the biggest industries in the area, and the overall jobs market is very strong, making it a great place to relocate to and find a new career path.

Ann Arbor, MI

A college town can be a great option when it comes to finding somewhere that will offer your kids a great education. Ann Arbor in Michigan is one of those places and is home to the University of Michigan. This university is ranked #25 out of 443 universities in the country, and this prestige naturally trickles down to the rest of the area’s school system.

Ann Arbor’s public school district is very well-renowned, with ninety percent of all high school students graduating within four years. This makes it a phenomenal place for you to choose when raising your kids, especially when you have their education in mind.

Greenville, SC

This city in South Carolina is a great all-rounder when it comes to raising a family. There are plenty of amazing attractions to keep you and your kids entertained all year round, as well as some great schools to enhance their education.

As well as this, the housing market is in great condition, with Greenville offering some wonderful homes for sale. You can find a selection of these lovely properties via EZ Home Search here. These range from small two- and three-bedroom homes to properties suitable for large families, and all vary in price ranges. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find something suitable for your needs.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is a great option for those looking for a slight change of pace from the major cities around the country but who don’t want to leave behind that urban lifestyle. Moving to this city in North Carolina from somewhere like NYC, Boston, or Los Angeles has many benefits, including there being a lot less traffic, great weather, and an affordable way of life.

The city is also booming economically, with many small businesses and entrepreneurs moving to Raleigh. The city itself is also well known for having a significant small-town vibe for such a large and bustling city, and community spirit tends to be very high, with most locals being incredibly friendly and courteous to one another.

Bellevue, WA

Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish flank this wonderful city neighboring Seattle, and the city is also incredibly verdant and lush with greenery throughout the city. This makes Bellevue a truly breathtaking city to live in, especially with the stunning Cascade Mountain Range on the horizon.

As well as being a beautiful place to raise your family, providing them with wonderful natural spaces to enjoy, it’s also become a phenomenal location for businesses, especially those involved in the tech world. The real estate in Bellevue can be costly, of course, but this is due to the area being so popular and worthy of investment.

Education inthe city is also of a very high standard, with the Bellevue School District ranking well into the top 100 districts in the country.

Berkeley, CA

California is a dream destination for many people not only in the USA but around the world. Berkeley is one such area within the state that has continued to grow in popularity, even being a top choice for many over neighboring San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This city offers residents a unique lifestyle and is well known for being a multicultural hub. The education, entertainment, and arts scenes are well-respected throughout the country, which has naturally made Berkeley one of the most desirable cities in the US.

Unfortunately, due to this popularity, the cost of living here is fairly high, including both the cost of housing as well as the cost of groceries, and amenities. However, for someone on a higher-than-average income, this could be the ideal place to raise a family.

Boulder, CO

Situated at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado, is a city like no other. This is easily one of the best choices of cities to raise a family if you and your kids enjoy exploring the great outdoors. There are many great hiking and mountain biking trails around Boulder and plenty of national parks for you and your family to enjoy every weekend.

The city of Boulder is ranked as one of the best places to live in the USA due to its great combination of down-to-earth living and natural beauty, the great economy, quality education, and great housing options. This should definitely be a top consideration for anyone looking for somewhere great to raise a family today.

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