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Some Exciting Features In the Bots Available for Facebook Messenger

Among the business marketers, Facebook Messenger is an effective method to reach out to the subscribers of your business page. So, what about your Facebook business page subscribers? Do you want to reach out to the potential audience over Facebook?

If so, then using the messenger bot can be a fruitful decision. It helps share information with the target audience without any hassle. You don’t even need to move your finger for doing anything. All the work will be operated and performed by the bot itself.

Awesome Functionality Features for Messenger Chatbots

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business

Over the years, growing business over Facebook has become a hassling thing. With the advanced time, you get the chance to use Facebook bots to manage your current as well as a potential audience.

For becoming a renowned business entity over the web, one must consider using the Messenger. It can help increase the customer network with millions of Facebook users.

In the most used apps, Facebook Messenger is one of them whereby you can reach the whole world in seconds. In such a case, why should you avoid the opportunity of grabbing more leads over Messenger?

Customers love using the app due to convenient use and faster means of reaching out to several brands or services.

Your business can expand using the app and generate more leads easily. Now, what about all the tasks you need to perform on the app? For this purpose, using both can be a sound decision.

What’s the best marketing tool available for managing Facebook messenger? It’s none other than using the bot to do all the tasks.

Along with it, it is a complete package available to ensure posting, tagging, and other tasks. Want to know about the eye-catching features of using the bot? Check out some of them discussed below.

1] Auto campaigns for comments

Do you feel stuck in posting comments for every post over your Facebook business page? Want to save some time and invest in your business? Generally, people use bots for this purpose.

One of the astonishing features associated with the bots is automatically adding the comments without requiring any consultation. Also, you don’t need to worry about the comments as bots post only specific comments.

2] Facebook Chatbot

Using the bots, one can also avail of the feature of Facebook Chatbot for automatic comments, likes, and sending private replies. Such eye-catching features enable the business to add more customers to the business. Not only this, but it also helps in retaining customers for long-term in the business.

With the automatic likes feature, this bot adds likes on the comments of customers over the business page. It is a great activity to engage customers over your business posts. Also, you can use this bot for sending private replies to the comments.

3] Supports bulk messaging

While using the Facebook business page, you would require sending messages to your potential audience and existing subscribers. How to do that in seconds? Want to save some time and avoid the headache of sending bulk messages manually?

If so, then you can use a bot for this purpose. With Facebook bots, you get a feature of bulk messaging. Along with fast message delivery, it helps the message to thousands of people in just one go. Using the bulk messaging feature, a business can communicate with hundreds of customers at one time.

That sounds such an amazing thing! It reduces your entire manual burden to communicate with customers for making an engaging environment.

The Facebook bots come with multiple messaging features that help to build the interest of potential customers in the business. It is also beneficial in retaining new as well as existing customers.

4] Full page auto-sharing and auto likes

Using this feature, you can set the auto like and sharing on for the full page. Also, it will help in replying to the customers automatically.

Often, customers feel connected with the business when they receive replies over their comments. To ensure customer attachment with the business, it is beneficial to use Facebook bots.

5] Automated sharing

It is one of the astonishing features of using a Facebook bot. With this feature, you can share links, videos, or images over your business page automatically.

In simple words, the bot does all your work and reduces your load. It is a beneficial feature to help you post anything at any time without worrying about sparing time for it.

6] Automate post reply

Often, you might not be able to reply over every post comments from your customers. It would demand so much time and effort. So, how can you reduce your burden?

For this purpose, it is best to use Facebook bots. It works as an excellent way of sending automated replies. Also, you can set a customized message to reply to the customers.

7] Comment tag

Using this feature can help you to send a reply to all your business page comments by tagging the usernames of customers.

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