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7 Ways SEO Can Give You An Edge

It is the desire of a business organization or an enterprise to make a profit. Over the years the strategies and business practices have changed over time, owing largely to technological advancement, which has propelled the need for a more reformed and advanced way of doing business.

Search Engine Optimization


And in order to make that profit, we talked about, there will be a need for a company to integrate itself with some tools, into the technological-trending practises employed by various establishments in order to exist and make a profit in this present dispensation. One of such tools that can help an enterprise is, search engine optimization (SEO).

Why SEO you say? here are reasons why.

1] Visibility/Brand Awareness

With the help of an optimization tool, your company is able to come up on search engines thereby making people to see and become aware of your establishment. Take a moment and look at it this way.

If you were to go for a brick and mortar office, will you choose an abandoned area that has only a few people living there with little or no traffic???? I think not-Well, the same thing goes for your internet office. A tool like eCrawl is an excellent example of one of such tools that basically makes your business a landmark (hypothetically speaking).

2] Unlimited Access To Clients

The internet, which is one of the best things to happen to us in this age, has not only made communication easy but has completely turned the world into one global village. And with the help of an SEO tool one’s business can be brought to the limelight, giving rise to multiple clientele all around the world.

Tell me-what other medium (technological or otherwise) can give an establishment that kind of access to so many customers at a relatively affordable price,  if not the internet and a ranking tool?

3] Impression

Like the popular saying “first impression lasts the longest.” The impression people have about your business matters a lot. Apart from the user experience and user interface designs on your website. It is paramount that people are able to see your company when a search is placed that correlates with the goods or services you render.

As this will not only make potential clients appreciate the beauty of your website but give them the impression that the quality of your services is superb and that-that is the reason search engines like Yahoo and Google are bringing up your website whenever there is a search related to your industry.

4] Lead Generation

Now, because the web is a global village, if an institution can endeavor to put their website on the map, it will help in creating a constant and endless stream of fresh or potential customers. Thereby making business not only having to deal with already existing customers but also having new clients that are interested in the company’s services.

This is a vital aspect of every enterprise because from time to time organizations are always looking for ways to generate new customers, but with the help of an SEO tool, such processes can be minimally or completely avoided.

5] Sales

Like we said earlier, the primary purpose of anyone going into commerce is to make money. And any seasoned business person-persons knows that sales are directly proportional to profit. And as profit is tantamount to sales, so also does traffic precedes sales.

In order words, the more traffic you have to your business, the more potential for sales you have. This is where an SEO mechanism comes into play.

According to, 1.17 billion people make use of google-so imagine that your website is optimized and you just have a fraction of that number visiting your website on a monthly basis-I don’t think I need to enumerate the impact such traffic will have on your business.

6] Competitive Advantage

If you so happen to be in an industry where there is a huge competition and strife for customers, then a simple search engine optimization may very well be what you need to give yourself that competitive edge over your rivals.

We live in a world now where monopolization may be difficult to achieve, and the goods or services that you or your company offers may also be offered by another company.

So instead of fighting for bread crumbs (few customers). You can take the initiative of optimizing your website giving room and access to a lot more clientele that you sometimes cannot even handle.

7] Ease Of Progress Track

In the past, companies and organizations spend a lot of money in marketing and creating brand awareness which involves the classic television advertisements, radio broadcast, podcasts, newspaper adverts, flyers, posters and billboard adverts. But there were two fundamental drawbacks to these mediums of advertisements, and that is the fact that one, they weren’t measurable.

A company cannot really tell if it was the television adverts, or newspaper publication or even the billboard adverts that were generating the most sales. They practically just did all forms of advertisement hoping they will all just work to bring about more sales. Secondly, the old way of advertisements were super expensive.

But with the advent of SEO, It is not only cheaper to make your business visible to the general public but you can also keep track of the volume of people visiting your site on a daily basis, which makes it easy for a business evaluation in terms of equating or weighing the return on investment.

In conclusion

It is a no brainer when considering whether or not an SEO tool is vital to your business website. So on a closing note, you will be given one very vital tip, which is building TRUST.

With an SEO tool at your arsenal and constant creation of quality content on your business website, you will gradually begin to create customers and audience alike that sees your website as a citadel of useful knowledge, which invariably builds trust over time.

And when you can successfully build customer trust, you end up having a pool of dedicated and loyal customers.

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