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The Smartest SMS Marketing Platform Available – Smarter Contact Review

SMS Marketing is a super-effective way to reach your customers directly.

Many people don’t know this, but it has the highest hit rate of all the marketing communication platforms.

Dynamite comes in small packages, and these little information bombs do exactly what they’re supposed to.

The only problem with SMS marketing is that the platforms supporting it are often complex and not very user-friendly. The interfaces are complicated, and the functionality is most often limited.

Smarter Contact - SMS Marketing Platform

Smarter Contact noticed this, and what’s even more important is that they decided to do something about it!

Smarter Contact offers a complete solution for SMS marketing, and we’ll be taking a closer look at the fantastic features.

Before we do that, however, let’s discuss the benefits of SMS marketing.

Benefits Of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the best way to reach your prospects.  Here’s why.

Highest opening rate

SMS opening rates are around 98%, which is incredible. Comparatively, only 20% of marketing emails are opened, and the click-through rate is around 1.5%.

Compared to other channels like social media (which should only ever be for posting and not spamming followers) and physical branding like fliers, SMS has no competition and is the only choice for serious marketers.

The price is right

The best direct marketing messaging platform must be the most expensive, right? Wrong. It beats emails, social media advertising, and the traditional advertising forms by a country mile in terms of price.

Since the text is short and the prices the carriers and networks charge go down when sending in bulk, services like Smarter Contact can give incredibly competitive pricing on their packages. More about that later on!

Mobile Messaging

Yes, many people get their emails on their mobile phones, but significant research shows that fewer emails are opened on mobile phones.

People tend to screen emails on their mobile phones based on urgency. This is because they’re on the go and don’t have time to open and read every long email that pops up.

Marketing emails will not be considered a priority and will probably not be read on a mobile that often.

On the other hand, SMS is delivered directly and opened instantly on mobile phones. As we all know, the mobile phone is the most used device by far, and directing your campaign here is a win-win.

Fastest delivery

SMSing is also the fastest way to get the message across. Emails tend to bottleneck, and other messaging might arrive quickly, but people don’t always see it straight away. So if you want speed and accuracy, then SMS is the way to go!

Flexibility and Customization

SMS campaigns can be standardized or can vary depending on your marketing needs. For example, specific messages can go to certain customer segments, and you have complete control of who gets the message and what it says.

You can also customize the sender number, which makes the engagement rate even higher. Clients can then interact with you, and you can send auto-responses or engage with them directly by texting.

This type of flexibility and customization is made easy with platforms like Smarter Contact. But, unfortunately, some other providers make it too complicated or don’t offer the full range of customization options.

Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at this fantastic SMS marketing platform.

Smarter Contact Stand-Out Features

Smarter Contact ticks all the SMS marketing boxes, and then some. Let’s check some of the features out.

Multi-Industry Solution

Smarter Contact is a highly versatile solution that can be tailored to multiple industry needs, including.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Event Promotion
  • Staffing & HR
  • Automotive
  • Health & Leisure
  • Lending & Finance.

The Perfect Contact List With Skip Tracing

Smarter Contact offers a skip-tracing service with each package, and it’s by far the most accurate and powerful one available.

Skip tracing means you can get the most up-to-date contact details, most notably the mobile number, of current and potential clients.

All you need to do is craft the perfect marketing message, and they’re virtually guaranteed to see it.

Amazing Automation

Smarter Contact allows fully integrated automation of your messages. You can send SMSs.

  • When you want (Time, date, season, etc.).
  • To whom you want.
  • In any format you want.
  • However many times you want.
  • From any number you want.

Full automation and versatility to accommodate any needs.

CRM Integration & Reporting

Smarter Contact also integrates fully with your existing CRM software. As a result, you can download or transfer the database information in a few clicks!

All campaigns can be analyzed for efficiency via the powerful reporting capability. Every aspect is reported on, and you can improve your marketing message, timing, and targeting based on the info.

Reporting categories include.

  • Campaign runs.
  • SMS count
  • Delivery rate
  • Average response time.
  • SMS response rate.
  • Full analytics about any user-defined contact category.

Outshining The Competition

While several other providers offer a similar service, Smarter Contact simply does it better. So how do they do it?

Best User Interface By Far

Their UI is mind-blowingly effective and simple at the same time. There are no unnecessary tabs or functions, just everything you need right where it should be.

Best Delivery Rate

It’s a very important feature because it means that you are getting the highest possible ROI on your SMS marketing efforts and that the messages are going exactly where they’re supposed to.

Pricing Structure

The prices themselves and the bundle options are also far superior to the competition.

1 – Starter

  • Basic features.
  • 3000 messages per month @ $0.03 per message.
  • $99 per month.

2 – Pro

  • More advanced features.
  • 7500 messages @ $0.025 per message.
  • $199 per month.

3 – Elite

  • All the features.
  • Unlimited messaging @ $0.02 per message.
  • $299 per month.

Smarter Contact ticks all the SMS marketing solution boxes and has differentiated itself with a user-friendly interface and one of the most accurate and powerful skip-tracing features too.

Another great feature is that Smarter Contact offers a 7-day no obligation free trial, so sign up today and find out more!

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