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You are likely familiar with Dalia Varde if you follow the local entertainment scene. The 18-year-old actress is currently getting ready to return for the second season of the popular series He’s Into Her. She has become well-known very fast. It should come as no surprise that the growing Gen Z celebrity has a sizable social media following—more than 300,000 Instagram followers and 100,000 YouTube subscribers. In the unlikely event that you haven’t yet seen any of her efforts, we’re here to introduce you to the rising Gen Z celebrity.

Dalia Varde Khattab is a recent model, actor, and vlogger from the Philippines. She is well-known from her part in the upcoming teen romantic comedy television series in the Philippines called “He’s Into Her.” She has a well-liked YouTube channel where she entertains her followers with vlogs featuring makeup applications. The brief biographies, full names, nicknames, nationalities, ages, places of birth, weights, genders, boyfriends, careers, education, families, and awards of Dalia Varde will all be included in this page.

Dalia Varde Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Dalia was born in Kuwait on October 28, 2003, to a Filipino mother and an Egyptian father. The half-Egyptian decided to go by Dalia V. Khattab or Dalia Varde here in the Philippines because her full Arab legal name is somewhat long. Dalia came to the Philippines at the age of 14 in order to pursue a career in show business, therefore she currently owns two citizenships. She speaks Arabic and English very well, just in case. Dalia has previously discussed the difficulties she faced after moving, pointing out that it was difficult for her to adapt to the local way of life because she couldn’t speak Tagalog very well at first. Furthermore, because her parents remained in Kuwait for their jobs, Dalia had to adjust to growing up with just her younger brother and grandma. Thankfully, Dalia has already been in the Philippines for nearly five years and regards it as her new home.

When Dalia traveled to the Philippines for the first time as a 14-year-old, she had no intention of staying there permanently. Dalia revealed in an earlier interview with RAWR Nation that she was merely taking a family holiday, but that her management persuaded her to try out for Star Magic, thus she missed her flight back to Kuwait. Since Dalia didn’t know about the He’s Into Her Wattpad novel at the time and was only a novice Tagalog speaker, she actually went through *three* auditions before being cast as Kim Gozon.

Dalia completed her high school education at Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities last year despite her hectic schedule in show business. Since then, she has disclosed that her ultimate goal is to study design or law overseas, however she is now considering enrolling in a business course in college. She also admits to being a conscientious and motivated learner who loves maths!

Although Dalia Varde has a large number of male fan followers on her social media profiles, which suggests that she is attractive, talented, and in a relationship, our data record and resources indicate that she is not currently dating anyone. Regarding Dalia Varde’s ex-boyfriend and their relationship, we don’t currently have adequate details, but our team is working on it, so we’ll update it as soon as possible in the future. However, some internet sources claim that She has a crush on Filipino actor and model Donny Pangilinan.


In the Philippines, Dalia Varde is a well-known actress. Her most well-known performance was as Kimeniah Sirvey Gozon in the television series “He’s Into Her.” Star Cinema simultaneously aired the teaser for the film on Your Face Sounds Familiar. to April 24, 2021, it was also posted to iWantTFC’s YouTube and Facebook pages. May 1, 2021 saw the release of the official trailer. On iWantTFC, the film has its premiere on May 28. Dalia is associated with the Dermatology & Surgical brand, Cathy Valencia Skin Clinic. Dalia Varde also maintains a YouTube vlog where she offers style and cosmetic advice.

Based on Tooltip’s 2013 Wattpad novel, the 2021 Philippine drama television series He’s Into Her stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano. May 28, 2021 saw the series’ release on iWantTFC. On May 30, 2021, the series made its television debut on the Kapamilya Channel and A2Z, taking the place of Almost Paradise. When Maxpein’s mother passed away in Japan when she was eleven years old, the feisty little provincial girl was raised by her grandmother and uncle. Maxpein is taken aback when her recently discovered affluent father offers to assist with her grandmother’s medical expenses. She grants her father’s request to move in with him and his family in Manila out of gratitude. At Benison International School, Maxpein is viewed as an unwanted outsider when she confronts Deib, the varsity basketball captain. Deib persuades all of their classmates to play practical jokes on and tease Maxpein. However, the more they play this game of cat and mouse, the more Deib comes to understand that his original intention to break Maxpein’s spirit has evolved into a romantic interest in the girl he never would have imagined liking. Nevertheless, Max and Deib’s fragile and developing romance is in danger of collapsing due to the reappearance of ghosts from their past and their numerous family issues.

The Hollywood rookie never anticipated landing the legendary part, but it didn’t take long for her to become the effortlessly endearing high school prom queen that we all know and adore. Additionally, JSYK, she portrayed Charisse in the Click, Like, Share miniseries on iWantTFC last year. In contrast to her immensely popular persona in He’s Into Her, Dalia possesses a gentle and uncomplicated disposition. She acknowledges that she is a qualified fashionista and a friend who is protective, but that is about where the parallels between her and Kim end. For example, Dalia decided against throwing a lavish debut party in favor of a small dinner celebration at home to mark her coming of age. Dalia defined herself as the “normal kid” who occasionally gets picked on by her classmates, in contrast to Kim’s frightening Queen Bee persona. However, Dalia has admitted that people often misinterpret her for being snobbish or maldita due to her prominent eyebrows and facial features.

Dalia said that she is close friends with every member of the cast and production crew of He’s Into Her when questioned about her close pals in the entertainment industry. It seems that she was acquainted with the majority of the female cast members before the premiere of the show, such as Belle Mariano, Vivoree Esclito, and Sophie Reyes. She stated in an interview that she views the other members of her cast as “her family” and Ashley del Mundo as “her sister.” She even revealed that, back in 2019 during Star Magic’s Sportsfest, she developed a happy crush on Donny Pangilinan due to his adorable appearance.

Since August 2, 2016, she has amassed approximately 102k subscribers on her YouTube account. She has more than 204k followers on Twitter, and Varde has 308k Instagram followers who are captivated by her model photo aesthetic. Due to her tendency to withhold personal information from the public and on social media, Dalia Varde’s net worth has not been formally calculated.

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