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Understanding the Technology Behind Online Slots

Slot games are some of the most popular and widely played games in the world. There are so many games to choose from that players can have trouble choosing their favourites. In fact, you can play slots UK games online at ICE36 which offers thousands of slot game titles.

But slot games didn’t always take up the spotlight as they do today. When slot games were first invented, people were rather skeptical about the technology, and many were superstitious about using such machines.

Technology Behind Online Slots

It was actually the game of poker that inspired the building of the first automated payout slot machine. In 1887, the first poker gambling machine was built by Sitman and Pitt in New York. They influenced Charles August Fey’s design for the world’s very first slot machine that appeared in bars in 1891.

The machine had 5 clots and 2 cards were removed from it to increase the house edge. The prizes were paid out in cigars and free drinks at the bar and you didn’t win cash prizes back then.

Slots have come a long time since then. If you’re asking yourself, can I play slots on my mobile? Then yes you can! Now, you can play online on various devices and the sky’s the limit when it comes to type, style, and payout standards.

But how did slots end up becoming so famous around the world? As technology advanced so did the software, graphics, and gameplay of popular slot games.

From Poker to Casino Slots to Online Slot Games

As mentioned, ever-evolving technologies have made it possible for game developers to create better, higher-quality, and more immersive gameplay slots. Especially when it comes to online slots, the software that developers use is more complex and sophisticated than ever before.

Providers of online and offline slot games are releasing games into a highly competitive industry. Last year the gaming industry saw profits of over $76 billion, and this is just the mobile gaming sector alone.

As the industry grows so does the number of players. More people are interested in playing online particularly due to the fact that you can play from the comfort of your home, any time, and from any device.

Accessibility is very important when it comes to launching online slot games. So, you’ll see game developing companies release their games for mobile, laptop, desktop, and everything in between.

Accessibility is important to many players, meaning game providers make sure their games compatible on various devices.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a piece of software that ensures players get a fair payout. When you’re playing online slots for real money, or even in demo mode, the RNG software makes sure that the game stays random and there’s no way for players to cheat the game.

The Return to Player Rate (RTR) is also a crucial element to consider when choosing what slot game to play. The higher the RTR the higher the chances that you’ll get a fair and higher than average payout.

High and low game volatility is important because you’ll have low volatility with low winnings and high volatility with higher winnings. When the game has low volatility there is a higher chance that you’ll win more often.

But the catch with this is that you’ll receive low wins. With high volatility, you’ll need to play for longer in order to hit a win, but the payout will be considerably larger than with low volatility slot games.

Great graphics can make or break an online game. The higher the quality of your game graphics the more likely you are to attract players.

A lot of game developers invest quite a big chunk of their time and budget into the visuals of a game. Since we’re all visual creatures, it makes sense that players will be drawn to game visuals, dynamics, and interactions that look great and work smoothly.

Developers employ various sized teams in the creation of an online slot game. And, the planning, development, programming, and launch processes can take years to perfect. First-rate illustrations, character design, and 3D modelling are game elements that bring the overall value and gameplay up to the industry standard.

Traditionally online games were built using Flash, a popular authoring software designed by Macromedia. Since most online games were intended to be played over a PC and later on a laptop, Flash was the preferred tool. The language used to create and develop online games today is based on HTML5.

The switch happened because more mobile players are looking to access online games. Thus, one by one, game designers and providers began using HTML5 in their programming stage.

The newest technology infiltrating the online game environment is virtual reality (VR). This cutting-edge tech immerses a player into a real-life or fantasy gaming experience.

Due to its highly engaging interface, lots of companies are adopting VR early in the game. Game critics and VR software and hardware developers predict that VR will be the preferred tech for new games in the coming years.

VR is a technology trend that continues to impact the gaming market.


From rudimentary machines to complex online versions, slot games have seen intense growth over the last few decades. Online slot games now feature multiple paylines and various winning permutations thanks to new technology and a highly competitive market.

To survive in this mobile-first environment, companies are crowding to adopt technologies that are ground-breaking and innovative. Players expect better quality graphics, more engaging content, and interactive gameplay.

VR is coming in strong and there are strong indications that many game development companies will base the newer generations of online slots on this technology.

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