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List Of Popular Alternatives To Mailchimp With Lower Restrictions

Businesses require email service providers for their product marketing and brand enhancement. Not just this, but email helps you establish a relationship with your customers, enabling you to sell your product to them.

And the most popular choice for email marketing services among the crowd was Mailchimp, which has dominated the market for a long time. The company was and is famous for its service and was known for its “free forever” plan.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Although it does have some drawbacks, like its overly charged pricing structure and slow customer support responses. These are some of the reasons which might make you look for an alternative email provider from time to time.

Keeping an email provider who does not meet your business requirements makes no sense, doesn’t it? You can use a better alternative than MailChimp who provides better services in every aspect.

Read till the end to find out the best email alternatives for MailChimp.

A List Of Better Alternatives to Mailchimp

There are Mailchimp competitors with more features, are cheaper to use, and offer more/better features than Mailchimp. This list of alternatives to Mailchimp will help you find an alternative, something better or even cheaper than Mailchimp.


A reputable alternative email marketing platform, Mailjet is among one of the best MailChimp alternatives. You can easily create attractive, personalized emails with this intuitive email builder.

With its best drag-and-drop editor, creating impressive emails is easy at Mailjet. You also receive several email newsletter templates that are compatible with any device.


  • Every email can contain dynamic content.
  • With its opt-in widget, you can capture email addresses via web forms.
  • Invalid addresses or unsubscribers are automatically removed.
  • Segments over time with greater accuracy.
  • Another great feature is real-time monitoring.

As a whole, Mailjet is relatively straightforward to use. The dashboard is simple to use, and menus are clearly marked.


Another great alternative to MailChimp is WeMail which is a WordPress plugin. It allows you to create mailing lists, send automated emails, forward newsletters, collect email addresses, and manage subscribers from your dashboard.

With WeMail, if you had a large subscriber list, you would not have to pay a large amount as they offer their services at an affordable price. Also, you can easily create email marketing campaigns from your WordPress dashboard, as it is tightly integrated into WordPress.


  • A faster and robust email marketing platform for email delivery.
  • Create eye-catching with a drag and drop feature.
  • Keep and manage an unlimited number of subscribers.
  • Easy to build and segment your email subscriber list effectively.
  • A built-in autoresponder for an easy process.

Email marketing done correctly and inexpensively is WeMail’s primary goal. It’s a built-in WordPress plugin integrated into the dashboard, making it simple and easy for anyone to use.


Writing emails that are consistent and compelling can be challenging. Even when you get consistency right, your emails may lack effectiveness. Pebbly’s email marketing software provides advanced features such as marketing automation, easy scheduling, and a one-tap email builder to make your email marketing process more manageable.


  • In-built SMTP services of Pebbly guarantee a 98% delivery rate.
  • For authenticity, all lead generation email addresses are checked with an enhanced email verification tool.
  • Easy to track the number of clicks on your email campaign.
  • With Pebbly’s forum builder tool, you can create online forums quickly.
  • Great campaign analytics that provides impressive insights into successful and unsuccessful campaigns.

In addition to its cost-effectiveness and advanced features, Pebbly has an extremely high conversion rate of leads converted into customers.


TheJuvlon, an email marketing tool, is a worthy alternative to MailChimp email marketing services. Its APIs allow developers to simplify the automation of Emails/SMS and track their arrival.  Also, their drag-and-drop editor and free templates take just a few minutes to create professional-looking emails.


  • Easy to manage and create your subscriber list
  • The system analyzes clicks and opens, referrals, spam, bounces, subscribers, etc., in real-time.
  • Dedicated IP addresses, spam checkers, and inbox testing are all available
  • A built-in triggered feature to promote Birthdays, anniversaries, and festive dates can be announced with the triggers built-in
  • Easy to retarget your existing customer with Juvlon email campaigns

A Juvlon email campaign has standard features that can be easily used by the user. These features enable the campaign to run smoothly and effectively.


Your email campaign is powered by interested customers. In addition to collecting email addresses and other relevant information, an email marketing tool will handle other duties, such as real-time monitoring, subscriber tracking, and many others.

Before listing, we have conducted deep research and then provided you with some of the best alternatives for MailChimp. There is now a buzz surrounding Mailjet or Juvlon since they provide attractive features, and the response is very enthusiastic. You can also opt for WeMail if you are looking for something budget-friendly.

Having said that, we’ve done our best to provide you with a list of the best Email campaign alternatives and a short description of each one.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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