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What Makes the NFL a Superstar In the Sporting World

American football is absolutely huge and only getting bigger. The sport is easily the biggest in America and whilst it has taken a while to kick off in other countries, it is gradually garnering a lot of success. It is there for all to see when you look at the wealthiest league in the world – the NFL.

National Football League

It dominates the TV on Sundays throughout the country and many head to their local stadium to view the games and bet on them, but when you do make sure you check the bookiesreviews.

The beauty of the sport sees fans willing to watch any game as the games mean so much. The King of American sports is a superstar in the sporting world, and here’s why.

Every game counts

Every Sunday is Big game day during the NFL season. Whilst it might not always be your home team or the team you support on the TV, fans of the sport are happy to watch all the other teams in the league compete against each other, which makes it very unique in the world of sport.

Starting early in the morning, the game coverage can last till late at night and provides top quality entertainment throughout for all the family.

With every team only playing 16 games in the season, every match matters and this means that for the fans, the games are thoroughly enthralling. On top of this, Thanksgiving football is a yearly event which really does draw in the fans.


Perhaps, the biggest event in the world’s sporting calendar and certainly in the NFL is the championship game – the Superbowl.

Breaking TV viewing records and drawing in millions of fans from America and around the world, the finale of the NFL season sees an immense battle between the teams, thrilling halftime entertainment and fans coming to the host city for a week-long party.

A marvel of sport, the game tends to bring out the best talent in the players competing who give their all for their teams on the world stage. After what is usually a competitive and successful season, the best way to end it is being involved in the Super Bowl.


One of the best things about the NFL, like other American sports, is the equal nature of the teams. Whilst there are some better teams and superstars in some teams, generally the league is very close and it means upsets can happen regularly.

Competitive matches could see defensive masterclasses, or back and forward scoring. It could be a hail mary from a legendary quarterback or a winding touchdown run for a touchdown. The drama in this game is second to none, you just need to have a look here to see.

Talented players

This physically demanding sport requires an immense level of endurance, power and stamina. The skills necessary from player to player and position to position is immense and displays just how tactical this game can get.

At any given moment these players can burst into their respective actions and wow the fans. The athletic ability of some of these men is phenomenal.


This is a game of true tactics. It requires video tape analogy for days. It needs precise planning and execution. Teams drill and practice and know what they are meant to do but on game day it’s all about making that plan a reality. The array of tactics that can be deployed are immense.

Some teams go for defensive bulldozing, others picking apart their opponents with perfect attacks. The beauty of the game is its variety, diversity and precision which makes for highly entertaining sporting matches.

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