How Can You Calculate Sales Tax Using An Online Sales Tax Calculator

For many companies, sales tax collection is a mandatory component of the sale and supply of services. You have to learn how to measure sales tax before you start paying. Thanks to complex sales tax regulations, sales taxes can be difficult. Calculating sales tax is relatively easy after determining the rate of sales tax.

Sales Tax Calculator

You may be familiar with paying the sales tax as a buyer if you don’t live in the states or countries which do not impose the tax. Nonetheless, you must be conscious of your sales tax responsibilities as a small business owner.

To make sure you do not pay more sales tax than you have to pay or that a sales tax inspector does not make an unexpected visit, you should know the sales tax and methods to calculate it.

Sales Tax

The States levy sales taxes on purchases within their boundaries. Mostly, sales tax is applied when there is an event. In the beginning, the states contented themselves with minimal taxation on real property sales.Throughout recent years, several states have extended the sales tax to include rentals and at least certain utilities.

Each retail sale is generally presumed taxable. Nonetheless, the majority of states grant such sales tax immunity, based on certain consumer characteristics or the type of item sold.You should know what items tax is imposed as a business owner. In most instances, though, the applicant may assert his right to claim an exemption.

Sales Tax

In fact, in the United States, various types of sales tax systems are used. Whether the seller or customer is the main participant in tax payments is the biggest difference. In some countries, retailers pay the tax, which can then be passed to their customers.

In other jurisdictions, the tax is levied upon the consumer and is received and paid by the purchaser to the state.There are also other places where sellers and buyers share the responsibility for tax.

Sales taxes are usually based on certain gross receipts. It means that the tax usually applies to the full amount received at the time of selling by a vendor.

Types of Sales Tax Systems?

In general, sales tax means the tax imposed by the government on retail. Nevertheless, it varies between states whether the tax is levied on the vendor, the consumer, or the sale. It is important to know the tax rules for your business. There are three different types of sales tax that are imposed in different states of the U.S.A.

1] Retail transaction tax

Such taxes are levied on the sale itself, and both sellers and buyers are mainly responsible for payment of the tax. The vendors have to receive and pay the taxes, and the customers are responsible for the amount to be paid to the vendors.

Such a sales tax is a combination of both below-stated tax types. A retail transaction tax is more like a consumer excise tax where the seller has not to pay the tax out of their pockets.

2] Consumer excise tax

The person making retail purchases in the state shall be subject to a consumer sales tax. Sellers only serve as agents in states which charge this type of tax to collect the tax on behalf of the state.

Since the tax is mainly the liability of the customer, sellers have no choice but to pay the tax and typically have to report the tax individually on the invoices or receipts they give to their buyers.

3] Seller privilege tax

Such taxes are levied on distributors who are allowed retail sales in the state. Retailers typically have the choice, either to levy or to transfer the tax to the purchaser after paying it by themselves.

The majority of countries impose a wholesale transaction income tax, which allows the customer to raise and remit the tax to the government. Knowing the type of sales tax, you are concerned with your point of view as the consumer can help you manage sales taxes that are not paid properly.

You should never knowingly pay a tax that was not paid to you when you are dealing with vendor privilege tax since the payment is the liability of the seller.

In comparison to this, you should not disregard some unbilled tax if you are dealing with a retail transaction tax or consumer excise tax. You may be personally liable for the unpaid tax unless you have written evidence of paying the tax.

How to estimate sales tax?

You have to add the whole amount together if your government, your province, and city enforce a sales tax separately. By using this formula, you can calculate your sales tax.

  • Total Sales tax = Total Sales x Sales Tax Rate.

The value you pay for sales tax relies on the rate you receive for your products or services and on how much taxpayers spend for them.For instance, a client who has purchased 500 dollars of goods would pay more sales tax than a client who has purchased products for $50.

Calculate Sales Tax using the Online Sales Tax calculator

Now that you know exactly how you can calculate sales tax as a seller and as a purchaser. If it seems complicated to you, there is no need to worry. Technology has made everything very flexible. You can use an online sales tax calculator to calculate your sales tax without facing any troubles in the manual calculation.

Use sales tax calculator for calculations of your sales tax. It is a simple sales tax calculator that works online and calculates your tax in no time. You have to enter the rate of the tax and total amount of the commodity you have purchased or sold. It will calculate your tax and provide you the Gross price and total tax amount.


Sales tax calculation can be a little bit complicated given its different types and the rate of tax. If you know the tax rate in your state, you can use the sales tax calculator to calculate your sales tax. You should pay your sales tax on time to avoid any disturbance in your business.

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