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Best Energy Drinks In India [Energy Drinks List]

Energy drinks are gaining popularity in this fast paced world. We all need a sip of energy every now and then to take us through our busy schedule. Energy drinks provide an instant energy boost and thus render power to keep us going. Here are the top best energy drinks in India that you must try to stay full of vigour.

Best Healthy Energy Drinks In 2022

Best Energy Drinks In India

Red Bull

This is one of the most popular energy drinks not just in India but around the world. An Austrian company by the name Red Bull GmbH manufactures this world famous drink. Billions of red bull cans are sold around the world each year. The company offers several variants of this drink.

These include original, total zero, sugar free, ruby/ red, red, yellow, orange, white, green, peach, winter, lime sugar free, pear sugar free, purple/ Acai sugar free and orange sugar free to name a few.

Red Bull - Energy drink

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The slogan of the drink is, “Red Bull gives you wings” and it is true to every word. No wonder, the drink is in high demand.


Moster is yet another popular energy drink. Its trademark black can with an eye catching green M written on it renders it is famous world-over. The drink came in the market in April 2002. It was launched by Hansen Natural Company which is now known by the name, Monster Beverage Corporation.

Monster Energy - Energy drink

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Several variants of this drink are available in our country. You can pick flavours such as Lima, Vanilla, Cuba and more. The caffeine content in most of these is around 10 mg/oz.  Other ingredients include carbonated water, citric acid, sucrse, sorbic acid, sucralose and riboflavin to name a few.


This is an energizing drink available at a considerably lesser price in comparison to others in the league. It is available in 3 different flavours. These include lemon mint, mango strawberry and tropical trip.

Each of these flavours is equally tasteful as well as effective. Keep a can handy particularly on the days you have a hectic schedule. It will give you the strength to go on.

Tzinga Energy Drink Lemon Mint

Tzinga  is mostly available in the metropolitans and other big cities in India. You might not be able to find these in general stores in other parts of the country.

Mountain Dew

In the world of energy drinks, Mountain Dew is a old drink. Mountain Dew is a carbonated soft drink brand produced and owned by the PepsiCo. Available in around 28+ flavours. In terms of taste, it is one of the best energy drink that you can try.

Mountain Dew Energy & Soft Drinks

This is a perfect drink to crack open on a wild adventure with your lovely friends.


Launched in the year 2004, this energy drink has become quite popular in India. It is famous because of  its unique taste as well as the instant energy it provides.

Crunk Energy Drink

Some of the ingredients present in this superb energy drink include pomegranate juice, Vitamin B, corn syrup, skullcap, guarana, ginseng and epimedium. Together, these ingredients help in boosting power.

Cloud 9

This popular energy drink is a product of the famous Goldwin Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. group.

The company originally came up with the drink in mixed fruit flavour. It was well received and became popular among people from different age groups. Thereafter, the company launched an electrifying new flavour by the name, Wildberry.

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