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How to Build Successful Career In Cloud Computing With Azure Certifications?

Cloud Computing is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand career domains. Approximately 90% of companies around the world are already on the cloud platform, and the global cloud computing market would cross around USD 350 billion by 2021.

Build Successful Career In Cloud Computing

According to Gartner, almost one-third of IT spending by enterprises is for cloud-based platforms and technologies.

Now, you might be thinking that how can you build a successful career in the cloud computing industry. Before we jump towards exploring the career path of cloud computing, let us have a brief introduction of cloud computing itself.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the management of various computing services like networking, data, servers, storage, etc. that are stored over the internet instead of any other physical storage devices.

This enables smooth and better functioning. There are various job opportunities and positions in the market for cloud computing experts such as.

  • Solutions Architect.
  • SysOps Administrator.
  • Cloud Developer
  • Front-End & Back-End Developer.
  • Cloud Security Engineer.
  • Development Operations Engineer.

Ways to follow for building your Cloud Computing Career

Understand Cloud Technology

If you wish to build your career as a Cloud Computing professional, then the first step that you need to follow is to understand cloud technology. You need to get aware of how the technology serves and the ways you can fulfil the requirements of the organizations.

There are plenty of benefits of cloud services enabled in your organization like scalability, flexibility in the remote working practices, and the main thing is reduced IT costs.

Cloud technology provides several security features for data management and handling. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are some of the famous brand names that are providing cloud services in the market. Along with services, there are various certifications also offered like the Azure certification training.

Achieve Professional Certifications

If you wish to succeed in any field, then it is essential for you to attain certifications as it offers you credibility in that particular field. Earning certifications will give you an upperhand over the other employees and get better career opportunities.

Various vendors are offering cloud computing certifications in the market like Azure certifications, AWS certifications, Google Cloud certifications, and many more.

You can opt for the platform that you wish to advance further in your career and choose a particular domain in cloud technology.

Microsoft Azure Certifications Path

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-900

Azure Fundamentals is the first exam that one should opt for to build a successful career in cloud computing. This Azure certification training focuses on building your fundamental knowledge of cloud services.

Microsoft Azure Certifications

Every individual who is new to the cloud field or is completely unfamiliar with the basics of cloud computing, then he/she must opt for this certification.

The Azure certification cost for clearing the fundamental level turns out to be Rs. 3696 in India. The modules covered in this examination are cloud concepts, core Azure services, and Azure pricing and support policies.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

The Azure Administrator Associate certification has been developed to test the level of expertise as well as the ability to handle things like storage, security, operating systems, cloud computing capabilities, and applications within the Microsoft Azure platform.

The candidates who are appearing for the Azure Administrator Associate exam should be familiar with the concepts like cloud infrastructure, virtualization, Powershell, Azure Portal, networking, and ARM templates.

The modules covered in this examination are storage management, identity management, implementation and controlling of virtual machines, configuration and management of virtual networks, etc. The Azure certification cost for the associate level is Rs. 4800 in India.

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect is a professional who attains expertise in different concepts like security, network, storage, and computing. With the help of clubbing together these skills, the solutions architect expert would be able to build solutions that can be deployed and executed on the Azure platform.

Every professional needs to complete the Microsoft Azure Architect and Microsoft Azure Architect Design certifications to qualify for achieving the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

This Azure certification training has been designed to test the capability of a candidate to handle technical tasks like configuration of infrastructure, authentication implementation along with data protection, development and deployment of applications, implementation of security and workloads, and development of Azure cloud and storage. The Azure certification cost for the expert level is Rs. 4800 in India for the two certifications.

There are plenty of job opportunities available once you complete Azure certifications and they work like a key for building a successful career in the cloud computing domain. Companies are looking forward to hiring professionals with Microsoft Azure certifications as these credentials are credible enough to validate your skills and knowledge.

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