How To Prepare For Jee Mains 2022?

Every year around 10 lakh students attempt JEE mains exam, but only a few thousand people get selected to JEE advanced and only a few hundred people get into IIT colleges.

Students of class 12 must be already preparing for the exam while students of class 11 must be on their way to planning “How to crack JEE mains 2022”. This article tells you everything about JEE question paper pattern, syllabus, important books, and so forth.

JEE Main Preparation Tips

JEE is one of the toughest examinations for enrolling in an undergraduate course. So, it is always better to start the preparation quite early i.e. from class 11 only. JEE has three different kinds of papers.

  1. JEE-BE/B.Tech
  2. JEE-B.Arch
  3. JEE-B.Plan

JEE syllabus 2022

Still, the official syllabus for 2022 has not yet been released. But most probably standard topics don’t change much. For the three kinds of papers, the syllabus varies.

  1. JEE-BE/B.Tech: This exam has three sections i.e. Physics, Maths, Chemistry.
  2. JEE-B.Arch: It has three sections i.e. Maths, aptitude, drawing.
  3. JEE-B.Plan: It also has three sections i.e. Maths, aptitude, Planning related questions.

JEE BE/B.Tech:

1.PhysicsPhysics and Measurement.

Rotational Motion.

Heat and Thermodynamics.


Work, Energy, Power.

Properties of Solids and Liquids.


Laws of Motion.



Electronic Devices.

Kinetic Theory of Gases.

Current Electricity.

Communication Systems.

Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current.

Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism.

Electromagnetic Waves.


Atoms and Nuclei.


Dual Nature of Matter, Radiation.

2.ChemistryOrganic Chemistry:

Purification and  Characterization of organic compounds.

Chemistry in Everyday Life.

Principles related to Practical Chemistry.

Organic compounds of Halogens, Nitrogen, Oxygen.

Biomolecules and Polymers.

basic principles of Organic Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry:

Chemical Properties of Elements.


Hydrogen and its compounds.

S-block elements.

Coordination Compounds.

D-Block and F-Block Elements.

P-Block Elements.

Environmental Chemistry.

General principles, processes of isolation of metals.

Physical Chemistry:

Some basic concepts in Chemistry.

States of Matter.

Chemical bonding.

molecular structure.

Chemical Thermodynamics.

Atomic Structure.

Chemical Kinetics.


Mole Concept.

Redox reaction.



Surface chemistry.

3.MathsSets, relations, and functions.

Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations.

Matrices and Determinants.

Permutations and  combinations.

Mathematical Induction.

Binomial theorem, its applications.

Sequences and Series.

Limit, continuity, Differentiability.

Differential Equations.

Coordinate Geometry.

Three-Dimensional Geometry.

Unit Vector, Algebra.

Statistics, Probability.


Mathematical Reasoning.

JEE mains question paper pattern

  • The exam will be in online mode.
  • Each subject has two sections i.e. sections A & B.
  • Section-A consists of 20 questions. This section has multiple-choice questions (MCQs). No choice will be given.
  • Section-B consists of 10 questions. This section has numerical value questions. Out of 10 questions, students need to answer any five questions.

Important books for JEE preparation

To ace the exams like IIT JEE, it is important to start the preparation from the best books. Aspirants who want to appear for JEE mains 2022 must pick up the best books for their preparations so that they can help you crack the exam easily.

So, here are some of the best books that you can consider reading for preparing for the mains exam. But, it is suggested that to read these books once you are thorough with NCERT textbooks since they stress upon the fundamentals of the concepts.

For Physics,

  1. “Concepts of physics” – HC Verma.
  2. “Aptitude test problems in physics” – SS Krotov.
  3. “Fundamental physics”- Halliday, Resnick, Walker.

For Chemistry:

  1. “Organic chemistry” – Morrison, Boyd, Bhattacharjee.
  2. “Organic chemistry”- O P Tandon.
  3. “Inorganic chemistry” – O P Tandon.
  4. “Inorganic chemistry” – J D Lee.
  5. “Physical chemistry” – Peter Atkins, Julia De Paula.

For maths:

  1. “Mathematics class 11&12”- RD Sharma.
  2. “ JEE maths”- M L Khanna and J N Sharma.

Preparation tips for preparing JEE 2022

Use time effectively

Since there are also class 12 board examinations to prepare along, students must utilize their time very effectively. Though it seems to appear as there is a lot of time for the exam, in real, the time will not be sufficient until you utilize it very effectively and optimally.

Strict daily routine

Strict daily routine must be followed by the students. Allocate your time for every subject, every day. The routine must be followed until the day you get into the IIT’s.

Work out on previous years question papers

Solve the Previous years’ papers starting from JEE main 2021 question papers. This helps you to hone the skills of time management while attempting. Working on previous papers also tells your stand on preparation.

Stress on revision along with learning new concepts

Students would be in a hurry to complete the syllabus. Generally, they give less preference in revising the completed concepts. But they are unaware of the fact that revision can help you to grasp the concept much.

For instance, reading a topic once might leave some gaps in your mind. With the revision, these gaps will be filled and the topic can be in the memory for a long time.

Jot down the notes

Take notes of all the important points that you come across while you are reading like formulas, chemical reactions, tricks to solve the problems, and most importantly note down all your mistakes in solving the previous years’ question papers and mock tests.

Set daily targets

Every day, set the topics in each subject that you want to complete. Make sure to reach the daily targets as much as possible. In this way, you can cover most of the syllabus optimally.

Don’t demotivate

Since the preparation takes a long time, it is common for the students to feel like giving up at some point in time. Then take a short break and remember the dream you want to achieve.

Cultivate hobbies

Since preparation for JEE mains is stressful, students must cultivate the hobbies like swimming, tennis, cricket, or simply taking a small walk can also be useful. This makes to feel relieved from your stress.


Preparing for the JEE mains & advanced and getting into IIT colleges cannot happen overnight. Students must be patient, consistent, committed during their preparation. Students must enjoy their deep dive into the knowledge in preparation for JEE mains. So that preparation becomes enjoyable.

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