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Hotstar’s 12 Best TV Shows Worth Watching

Disney+ Hotstar, commonly known as Hotstar, is one of the most popular Indian video-on-demand streaming services. It is owned jointly by Star India and Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, which are subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company.

Hotstar was launched in February 2015 and quickly managed to find a place in the hearts of millions of streamers because of its extensive content library that consists of hundreds of TV shows, movies, exclusive Star Network content, and also content from different third-party production companies.

Best Hotstar TV Shows You Can Watch

Best Hotstar TV Shows

But like every other major streaming service platform, Hotstar is also geographically restricted to certain countries of the world. Currently, it is accessible by viewers located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

But don’t worry. There’s an easy solution to this problem. By using a virtual private network, viewers that aren’t located in any of those countries can also get an opportunity to stream Hotstar.

For example, people in Australia can connect to the Indian VPN server, change their actual IP address and location, and comfortably stream Hotstar in Australia.

But with so many award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other available content, viewers can easily get confused when deciding what to watch.

That is why today, we have compiled a list of 12 best hostar TV shows that are worth watching. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Grahan (2021)

For many Hotstar viewers, this became the uncalled surprise package of the year.

It is a love story centered around the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 and the horrors returned due to an IPS officer’s investigation in the present. These investigations will easily shake the core of any human being.

Do watch this amazing crime-thriller TV series to see a strong, reliable, and hardcore female officer unravel the mystery that can shatter her whole world.

Mildred Pierce (2011)

This miniseries beautifully focuses on the life of a single American mother who is trying her best to rebuild her life from ground zero in 1931.

This series is a must-watch as you’ll witness her determination, commitment, and struggles as she bakes pies, sells chickens, tries to straighten out her relationship with her daughter, deals with the men in her life, and sees every possible rise and fall during her struggle.

Mrs. America (2020)

This series is all about the powerful women in America that gave their voice to millions of women in America and helped change their destiny.

This series is a must-watch as it is filled with women who are determined to come out of the shadows and fight against the abuse they suffer from the hands of self-serving patriarchy.

This beautiful show came from Dahvi Waller’s mind, a graduate in history from Princeton and co-wrote “Mad Men.”

Chernobyl (2019)

This miniseries accurately depicts the whole tragic incident of the 1986 nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl in the USSR.

It shows us all what happened in Chernobyl on that dreadful day and the astonishing efforts to contain and limit the damage in every possible way.

The miniseries also doesn’t shy from showing the state coverup, incompetence of the key plant engineers, and the heroism of the people that laid their lives to contain this catastrophe.

Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

How could you miss out on one of the best TV series of the century? It has everything you can ask from a TV show: blood, mutilation, action, jaw-dropping story, gore, and much more.

This medieval fantasy hyper drama has captivated billions of viewers worldwide, so don’t forget to check this out before it leaves Hotstar.

The Wire (2002-2008)

This show can be considered The Game of Thrones of its time. Such a mesmerizing way to see the faults in judicial, educational, and even political systems.

This show made us realize how far the infrastructure has collapsed, and there was a very thin line between being a good guy and a bad guy. By the time this show completely ended, many viewers and critics claimed it to be one of the greatest TV shows.

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

This one-of-a-kind crime drama series dealt with serious themes such as family, gender roles, mental illness, and so much more.

This show lets us closely look into the life of a regular mobster who is living with his family in the suburbs. We witness how a gangster balances his work and family life while operating a criminal organization.

This is a must-watch, so you better get on with it.

The Americans (2013-2011)

Set in the year 1981, during the era of the Cold War. Two KGB spies living in the United States as a married couple.

This show focuses on family values while adding the taste of political espionage. One of the most underrated TV shows on our list.

Broadwalk Empire (2010-2014)

With historical accuracy, you get to witness Steve Buscemi’s career-defining role as Nucky Thompson, tyrannical kingpin of Atlantic City in the height of Prohibition.

Even if you are not a big fan of Martin Scorsese, this TV series is highly recommended by many fans and critics alike.

American Horror Story (2011 – present)

This anthology series is every horror fan wet-dream. It has everything you can imagine, such as vampires, witches, villains, heroes, and any other wicket, horror, or even weird.

Unexpected, shocking elements and storytelling has set this show apart from other horror TV series.

Band of Brothers (2001)

Honored as one of the best mini-series ever made, this show portrays the “Easy Company” history, part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

This show is highly relatable to people who have participated in a war because of its brilliant portrayal. Produced by none other than Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

The Flash (2014 – present)

Ending the list with The Flash. The fastest man alive, and if you are a superhero fan, you will enjoy this spectacular adaptation of the class DC superhero that we all love.


With our picks of the best and must-watch shows list, you can get your hands on entertainment round the clock. If you haven’t watched these picks, you are missing out on all the fun so download Hotstar now and enjoy!

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