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Best File Recovery Software for Recover Deleted Files

Top Files or Data Recovery Softwares: We save our important files and documents on our PC. It’s very easy to find the documents, pictures, music etc. as they are always available when ever we need them.

But unfortunately sometimes in hurry or by not paying attention for a see being any other work, accidentally some of our files get deleted or formatted. There may be a software which also corrupt your hard drive, But at the end your folders, files, etc. Gets deleted as a result even your valuable data gets deleted by mistakenly.

Deleted File Recovery Software

You need not to get worry though, as there is a good opportunity of getting your files not damaged, somewhere on the disc. Without waiting for a long you may get back your data, if you act quickly. simply you need to depend free undelete software in order to run a scan and you’ll find few tools which can help you.

List of Free File Recovery Software Free Download

1) Recuva Free

Recuva is one of the free windows utility is conveniently available in any portable version, that helps to restore the data which you have lost accidentally. It is very easy to use, within a couple of clicks you can restore any files. Which have been emptied from recycle bin file systems such as FAT, exFAT and NTFs are supportive.

You will have a better chance by running the program in advance mode, as it gives more options like “Deep scan” which has the ability of locating wiped out files consisting of sensitive information.

In simple words “Recuva” is a easy and excellent tool of Recovering data.

Recuva File Recovery Software

Recuva File Recovery Software

2) PE Inspector File Recovery

PE inspector is a file recovery tool which can also recover data even if it has erased partitions like FAT and NTFs, using a special made, you can also recover pictures and archives with damaged headers. If you feel like the lost files are near, end or middle of the drive, then using the cluster scanner you can just select the specific areas and scan them to recover it.

The formats includes JAR, BMP, DOC, HTML, ZIP etc. It also has the compatibility of any windows operating system and perfectly runs on windows 7.

3) Puran File Recovery

One of the program available as standalone data recovery tool with 2.2mb in size which finely works on windows xp upto windows 8. Usually there are three main recovery modes Firstly quick scan, it reads the file system of FAT, or NTFs, to get back the deleted files from recycle bin. Second one is the deep scan, or full scan which is used for checking the full available space on device for best recovery chances. in order to recover all files from damaged portion use the “Find lost files” option which will turn puran file recovery it will help you.

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4) Photo Rec

PhotoRec File Recovery Software

Photo Rec File Recovery Software

Photo Rec with some of the restriction is one of the powerful undelete tool. which is available free for everyone. It works with device types and many file system to finely recover the data and almost runs anywhere. Here being a complication, it has the extreme basic Dos interface though it, has complication, the program doesn’t get complicated. It guides you every step, but the thing is the focus will mostly be on functionality.

5) Glary Undelete

Glary undelete is one of the package which finely head to data recovery all that you need to do is simply choose a drive to scan, click on search and wait for the program to complete

6) Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery has a versatility of bringing back the data without any problem it not only present the files but also it finds in a single list.on FAT drives the file detection is always not reliable.

Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery

7) Free Undelete

Free Undelete Is a free data recovery software, supporting FAT and NFTS file systems; it is very simple to use and to run it there is no need to of any specific knowledge. it is aging and free for personal use .there are many other better undelete tools, you can opt it as second choice in case your first choice doesn’t work.

8) Restoration

Restoration Is free recovery software which is tiny but it has the ability of recovering permanent deleted files. its best part is it supports all the window versions and various file systems simply you need to select the drive and then click search deleted files will be displayed simply by clicking restore by copying button you can restore any data you can restore any data you want as this doesn’t require any installation it can also be used as portable software.

Restoration File Recovery Software


9) Free File Recovery

one of the file recovery software which recovers the wiped out files from computer free files recovery not only from computer you can also recover files from MP3 players, memory cards etc. just select the drive for scanning of deleted files and it displays the deleted files in a list just select the files to be recovered from edit menu its very simple to use.

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10) Undela

Undela Is a powerful and free recovery software. it also supports various file systems like FAT 12,FAT 16, NTFS, HSF+ etc. you can also scan any drive like hard disk, USB drive, etc for deleted files. A list of deleted files will be screened, you can easily recover them by using it. The best feature of it is multiple files can be recovered in one action using this method.


I hope you like this article. This articles is all about how to Recover Best Top 10 File Recovery Softwares for Windows. If you have any problem in recovering files ,use our referred tools and do share with your friends.

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  • Thanks for nice post.

    I get to know about a professional utility in past when one of my partition data is corrupted. It’s being called Stellar which was truly a nice deleted file recovery software. The software interface really helps me. It was not complicated like many others.

  • I would like to suggest Remo Recover software as it easily recover any type of deleted files from computer drive, Pen drive, memory cards, Fire Wire drives…..

  • “Are you looking for the best method to recover deleted files from your system? If yes, then make use of excellent tool called Remo Recover application to easily recover lost files on your computer”.

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