Top Crypto Exchanges With The Lowest Fees In 2022

Crypto currency exchanges are websites where you can buy and sell different crypto currency tokens.

There are many crypto currency exchanges on the internet, but it is always best to choose a proper crypto exchange with low fees. One of the best crypto exchanges with lowest fees in 2022 is Bitstamp.

Crypto Exchanges With The Lowest Fees

Crypto Exchanges With Lowest Fees


Bitstamp was founded in 2011 by Nejc Kodrič and Damijan Merlak, who both have managed the company up until now. It began as a platform for trading traditional currencies against bitcoins, which was already offered at that time.

However, after some time Bitstamp also introduced the possibility of trading other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc., so today it’s one of most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on earth.

Bitstamp offers very low fees for trading, withdrawals, and deposits. Their fee structure is relatively simple, with a standard fee between 0.5% and can go as low as 0.0% depending on trading volume over the past 30 days. That’s what makes it so good for traders who are planning to make trades of high volumes.

Also, withdrawals are completely free of charge both in euro and dollars. This makes Bitstamp one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to use in 2022.


Another great BTC exchange that can be used in 2022 is Gemini, which belongs to Winklevoss brothers Cameron & Tyler after they invested 11 million US Dollars into this trading platform back in 2015 – 2016 when Bitcoin’s price was way lower than it is right now.

Since then, the virtual currency market has changed dramatically. Today Bitcoin cryptocurrency value is over $36,000. That’s why Winklevoss twins are currently two of the most important individual investors in cryptocurrencies.

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange initially offered its services in many US states surrounding New York but now is available across America and in the UK. The platform accepts customers online and you can get started with as little as £5.

It rapidly became one of best crypto exchanges because it allows customers to quickly buy Bitcoins directly from their bank account.

Furthermore, Gemini even provides its customers with FDIC insurance protection for any fiat funds that are deposited into their exchange accounts. This means, that if anything would ever happen to the website or company owner, all users’ money will be compensated within maximum 180 days by government agency.

This way users feel more secure whenever they transact with this exchange, which is one of the most important things in trading.


Another good value crypto currency exchange for 2022 is Kraken, created by Jesse Powell in 2011. This website is available globally excluding few countries that can’t use Kraken services due to their laws.

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange offers its customers the opportunity to purchase and sell Bitcoins using US dollars, which makes it extremely easy for newcomers to start buying BTCs, as well as experienced traders who already know how to trade on exchanges like Kraken.

One of the best things about this platform, beside low fees (0.9% for any stablecoin), are high limits for placing orders with cryptocurrencies. These limits depend on verified account level, which is increasing with every single successful trade.


Another great crypto currency exchange to use in 2022 is Bitfinex, which was Founded by Raphael Nicolle back in 2012 with the purpose of trading Bitcoins, Litecoins and Darkcoins.

Bitfinex offers its customers very low fees (depending on their plan) that are applied every time they would like to create an order involving cryptocurrencies.

Bitfinex charges 0.2% fee per each transaction made by exchanging currencies within this platform, these can be further reduced with high volume. Besides that, there are no deposit fees making it a very attractive crypto exchange for trading.

On top of all those benefits, anyone who will open a verified Bitfinex account will be eligible for additional benefits. For example, all verified accounts are entitled to use “Margin Trading”, which is a strategy of trading crypto assets that involves borrowing funds and allowing traders to leverage their positions with higher funds than they have, making it very risky, but may be perfect for professional traders with experience in trading on margin on other markets.

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