Five Ethical Facts About Digital Learning

With the elevation in technologies in the world, the school system is no more a mere prison for students. Now, the place is becoming a bit interesting to stay at and to acknowledge the real knowledge. there is majority of students who are willing to gain the acquired knowledge for their better career and life but, because of the monotonous routines of the schools does not wants to go there. This problem has been solved by the boom of digital learning in school and colleges.

What Is Digital Learning

Digital Learning

What Is Digital Learning

With the increasing size of the class, a single teacher in the class will become inefficient gradually to tackle with all the students and impart equal type of knowledge to them. This really relies on the need of computerized studies that has been provided by the digital education. The way the young generation likes to retain the knowledge for themselves is getting different. They no longer belief on the traditional ways of writing and maintaining their notes manually to get through their exams. In fact, they like to give their useful time on other relevant activities of their life. This not merely makes them more tech savvy but, also a more active and efficient person in life.

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With the current market strategies, the more focus in made on the online processes and the blended learning system. Even for toddlers, it has brought a fun and entertainment time, which makes them learn things easy and with dire interest. The learning environment is set according to them and hence, they feel more comfortable in schools now. The interest of the kids is being captured and the learning things are produced accordingly.

Facts About Digital Learning

Here are few facts about the Digital Learning that most of us are not known within our lives:

  • There are about 20,000 educational applications and more than 50,000 video lectures available on you tube and other schools official sites available on internet with the current statistics from which one can get the information of various niches. Apart from this, the websites made in this genre are different that are developing each day with a new count. Most of the students of the young generation prefer to replace their books with the iPads and complete their work.
Digital Learning

Digital Learning

  • It has been acknowledged that near about 70% of students know how to access computers and its application in the age of 2 to 5, while, only 1% kids of this age know how tie their shoes. That clearly shows, that today’s kids are more prevalent to technology rather than any other activity of life.
  • The iBooks are cheaper for any student than the traditional books and notebooks and other stationary they use in the old manual way of studying. This makes them save the wages of around 124 hours of their parents, which is a bog margin for anyone. This data is for per year and if we go on calculating for the total education time since from pre-school, one can build a great asset with this money.
  • More than 90 percent of faculty uses internet in classes either to get some information to use social sites. They like to announce any relevant information through tweeter or facebook. Professors also allow the students to access laptops in the classes to retain more realistic information, while only few allow using calculators in the classes.

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  • There is a myth among people that online learning system is not effective and does not hold much importance in career. But, if we give a broad look at today’s scenario, most of the companies are giving the free online courses to their employees so as to upgrade their knowledge and use it for the beneficiary of their organization.
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  • ”It has been acknowledged that near about 70% of students know how to access computers and its application in the age of 2 to 5, while, only 1% kids of this age know how tie their shoes” Okay, this is actually pretty scary…

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