The Role Of Schools In Preparing Children For Life

School Education Is Life Education.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school,” said the great Albert Einstein. How true! We may forget all the theories, formulae, experiments, and historical facts at some point in our lives. However, we will never forget the life lessons we learn inside the school campus.

Role Of Schools In Preparing Children For Life

Why school, and why not college? School life is a distinctive chapter that commences from the tender age of three and goes on until one nearly attains adulthood. School education transcends beyond notes, textbooks, exams, and marks. It is the element that lays the foundation for life that shapes one’s character, ideology, and principles.

Whether a CBSE higher secondary school in Chennai like Babaji Vidhyashram or an elementary school tucked away in a remote village, every school plays an indispensable role. We would need an entire book to list the contributions of school education in one’s life. Our article enumerates some of the major ones.

Life Beyond School: How Schools Contribute To Life Skills

Children spend more than a dozen years in school. During that time, they develop the following skills that last for a lifetime.

Interaction and communication

The school environment enables young minds to interact with their peers and teachers. They learn to be respectful, use the right language, and build positive relationships with their words. Communication skills learned in school lay the groundwork for interacting in college, during interviews, and on the job.

Character building

Character matters more than good grades and academic achievements. That is why some of the IGCSE schools in Chennai, including the International Village School, focus on inculcating morals and ethics. School education fosters the fundamental principles of good character, which are.

  • Trustworthiness
  • Sense of responsibility.
  • Caring nature
  • Respect for others.
  • Honesty
  • Social awareness.

Schools focus on teaching kids about respect, love, integrity & compassion from the very first day, just as it teaches them academic skills.

Leadership qualities

School is the first place that teaches leadership by entrusting children with roles such as school leader, captain, vice-captain, class monitor, group head, etc. When young minds take on responsible posts, they naturally develop qualities such as.

  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Cooperation
  • Tolerance
  • Fairness.

These leadership qualities enable them to positively influence their peers. A good leader inspires teams to face unforeseen obstacles and work towards a common goal. Children who exhibit these leadership qualities become world leaders who inspire millions of people worldwide.

Social etiquette

When a child enters a classroom for the first time, they are introduced to a whole new world- a society that exists beyond the family they know. They are introduced to other classmates, juniors, and seniors.

The child gradually develops a mental manual of socialising, establishing relationships, and making friends. They learn the intricacies of thriving in a society, such as.

  • Following rules and regulations.
  • Knowing what to accept and refuse.
  • Knowing how to co-exist in the society.
  • Keeping away from social evils.
  • Learning conflict resolution skills.

Many educators use a peace path to teach conflict resolution and leadership skills. These qualities drive young children to contribute positively to their society and set examples for future generations.

Overall knowledge

Schools are the gateway to knowledge that extends beyond the realms of textbooks. Children are introduced to various academic subjects and extracurricular activities through this phase.

After-school clubs help foster innate talents, which, for some children, may become their profession later in life. Moreover, school is where diversity thrives. This exposure to diverse cultural sources expands the child’s worldly perspective and overall knowledge.

Sports skills

The home environment might not be conducive for all children to expend their physical energy. Fortunately, schools provide opportunities to channelise energy through sports.

Children learn valuable lessons through sports. Children learn to strive for success, be gracious when they win, and take losses in stride. These qualities will help them navigate more challenging situations when they become adults.

What Can We Do To Improve School Education?

In India, education has grown in leaps and bounds. We boast some of the best schools and boards that deliver high-quality education. However, several areas in our education system require considerable progress. This can be done by.

Leveraging technology

By capitalising on the latest technology, schools can provide teachers with the tools to impart education as per the latest curriculum. They can also use assessment tools to monitor students’ academic progress and skill levels.

Vocational training

Vocational training exposes children to the practicalities of work. It teaches skills that will help them earn a livelihood, establish their own business, and provide job opportunities for others.

Skill development

Practical skills are a must for children to implement their theoretical knowledge and turn it into performance and productivity.

Skill development is a pertinent need in the present context of globalisation and must be included in schools. Mastering professional and life skills will enable students to thrive in this fiercely competitive world.

School is where we have the best memories of life. This is also the place that lays the foundation for a solid, positive, well-balanced adulthood.

Schools provide a unique exposure that is instrumental for your child’s overall development. In a nutshell, school is more than just book-based academics. It is the academy of life!

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