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Why You Need The Services Of A Local-Based IT Support Company

Despite 54% of small businesses having their own websites, 27% don’t have any IT support in place. IT support is crucial for all small businesses as it keeps downtime to a minimum, prevents cyberattacks, and enables IT problems to be dealt with swiftly.

Local-Based IT Support Company

These benefits are sure to make you want to sign on the dotted line with an IT support company right away. But before you do, it’s worth considering one based locally to you rather than a remote one, as they can offer a whole lot more to your business.

Multiple methods of support

Most remote IT support companies will argue that they’re more efficient than local ones as they have support staff available 24/7 who can remotely tap into your IT network, diagnose, and deal with a variety of issues. But the problem with this is that if your IT issue needs a human to physically see and fix it, then you’re stuck.

Local-based IT support companies provide the best of both worlds, as they’ll remotely monitor your systems and provide remote assistance when minor issues occur.

When the problem is more serious, they’ll quickly come to your premises, meaning your business downtime is kept to a minimum. This is crucial when you consider that website downtime costs businesses around $5,600 per minute.

2] On-site training

Like most small businesses, you’re likely increasing the amount of technology that your company uses year-on-year. But many employees find this technology overwhelming, which can result in poor productivity and increased errors.

When you use a local-based IT solutions company, they will work with your staff to ensure that everyone is happy with the technology and understands how to use it.

CoreTech confirms this notion, stating that aligning your technology with your unique business goals works to boost staff efficiency and productivity. Many firms will also take it a step further, overseeing new projects and providing consulting services.

In comparison, a remote provider will only be able to give you a limited amount of verbal or written assistance, and will be less able to tailor their approach to your company’s needs.

Build a solid business relationship

On average, businesses lose 545 hours of staff productivity when their IT systems fail. This can cost small businesses a significant sum of money, so you need to be sure that the IT support company you select appreciates your business.

Local IT support companies rely on good feedback and word of mouth, so they’ll work tirelessly to keep your small business up and running.

It’s also easy to build a good relationship with a local-based IT support company as you can hold bi-annual face-to-face meetings to discuss the service they provide and to bounce ideas off each other, which will improve your IT infrastructure as a whole.

IT support is an essential service that all small businesses require. But it’s advisable to consider a local IT support provider over a remote one, as you can be sure that they’ll always be at your beck and call, and they’ll strive to provide you with the best service possible.

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