Efficient Chrome Extensions for Sales Reps

Salespeople have to invest their best effort to improve or accelerate their sales. Sometimes it can be quite challenging and exhausting. Therefore, the world of innovative technologies offers some useful extensions for your Google Chrome browser to improve your sales activities. Look at the following list and choose your extension.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Salespeople

Chrome Extensions for Sales Reps

1) Momentum

Momentum is a tool, which changes a background of your new tab screen every day. Such an interesting trifle will be appreciated by the people who are bored of gray commonness and need a bit of colors. As a result,you get inspiration for the entire day.

In addition, every day you will see a new motivational quote, which may trigger your new ideas and undertakings. Another useful feature of the Momentum extension is the daily “To Do” list. It enables to create and edit the tasks you need to complete and will always remind you on the next one, while locating in the top right corner. The Momentum extension is an interesting tool to ring the changes of your day.

2) Vibe

If your know the functions of Rapportive, you will find some similarity with the features of the Vibe extension. Nevertheless, this tool has own peculiarities and functions to boast of. Vibe allows searching people right inside Chrome. It combines Facebook Search, LinkedIn Search, Twitter Search and search of other social profiles into one plugin. As a result, your email contacts are converted into fully organized profiles. The main distinction from the Rapportive is that the tool is not limited to Gmail.

3) Salesforce Navigator

This is a search tool with ambivalent users’ attitude. Salesforce provides your Chrome browser with a search bar for the improved results of your inquiry. The only issue of the tool is its user interface. Some people find it rather intuitive, however, the others scratch head over. Interesting, which group will you belong to?

4) Datanyze Insider

Datanyze Insider is a Chrome extension to prospect sales. This tool collects information from social profiles on each visited page. A click on the icon provides you with valuable data about the website and the owner company. Datanyze Insiders enables the search and export of emails to Salesforce and LinkedIn.


You control over the use of email will be highly expanded using the extension. This tool will get your email management on the higher level due to the number of options such as email reminders, contacts view while browsing, automatic follow up, tracking and schedule of emails etc. Actually, this extension should be appreciated by sales reps, since it will be in use for task management and development of business relationships.

6) Guru

This is a great solution to integrate with your inbox and CRM in order to facilitate the sales data collection and sharing. As a result, the information is arranged as cards in the browser window. The Guru extension enables the sharing these cards with your team and provides access to them on any webpage of Google Chrome browser.

7) Crystal

It is an essential thing for any sale rep to understand what a lead like and dislike in emails, since the result of a sale depends on the lead’s interest. The Crystal extension detects the people’s preferences regarding the emails. For example, some people prefer reading short and clear emails, while others like more personalized and friendlier ones. With Crystal you will know how to improve your email for a particular recipient, saving your time and effort.

8) NetHunt CRM

This tool turns your Google Gmail into a full-featured CRM. It has no limits for custom fields, folders, and records. NetHunt provides personalized mass mailing, enabling contacting with hundreds of your leads through personalized emails. Other options include email tracking (who and where has opened your email, and on what device), advanced search and filtering, follow-ups for records and emails. Export and import of data are also available.

All these tools offer something particular, however, they focus on the improvement of your sales efficiency. 🙂

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