Why Gameshows Are Becoming More Popular In Live Casinos

In the online casino industry, one of its biggest breakthroughs was the emergence of live casino games. With a live stream and game operation software, gamblers across the globe can be pitched against each other at a physical table to play a real-time game with a professional croupier.

This breakthrough saw online Blackjack rise through the ranks of popularity across the world, as some punters believe the gaming experience is even better. But there’s still room for more advancement in the business of online casinos in Canada and the rest of the world as the savvy developers took it a step further by creating game show-like games to bring an even better experience to the online gambling industry.

Live Casinos

This new type of live casino game gives gamblers the opportunity to be the main character of their favourite TV shows. Over the last few years, live game shows were able to garner much popularity across the world, and this led to Live Casino software developers continuing the trend to create exciting live game shows for online casino lovers.

Evolution Gaming was the first gaming company to introduce this type of live game to the casino market with their Dream Catcher. The game features a fortune wheel style, where you’ll see a real host spinning the huge wheel that comprises different colourful areas.

Scattered across the wheel are various prizes that could be won and this also includes multipliers that could be added to the wheel to give players the opportunity to claim bigger rewards.

Following the success of Dream Catcher, other software companies emerged to start creating similar games with Playtech coming up with Spin A Win. In this article, we will be listing out a few reasons why game shows are becoming more popular in live casinos.

No Strategy Required

We all know there are different types of online casino games in every casino library. But, have you ever wanted to try out a new game yet, the first thing you need to do is study strategy articles? This always leads to seeing players losing interest in the game or bookmarking it for another day.

This is because strategies usually take hours to learn before they can actually perform better in the game. This is one of the reasons online poker and blackjack are not as famous as slot machines.

However, game show live casinos does not have this problem, as they were designed to be simple from the start. You don’t have to memorise anything when you wish to play Dream Catcher.

The smaller numbers will pay less but they appear more, while the bigger numbers have the bigger prizes but the risk is huge. Featuring an intuitive design, live casino games shows are more exciting for casual audiences.

Innovative Gameplay

Dream Catcher was the first live casino game show that was introduced to the online casino industry, so there were many casino games shows similar to it and many people thought that was it for live casino game shows. That was until Monopoly Live was entered the market. This made people realise how innovative game shows can be in the future.

Monopoly Live has similar qualities to Dream Catcher. Once the bonus round is activated, the player will be taken to a real board game where a dice throw will determine how far Mr Monopoly will move and the potential bonuses he will receive. This bonus round can last for minutes.

Although the genre could be said to still be at its infancy stage, there’s still lots of room to grow in the future. With the creation of Crazy Time, we can see how far Evolution Gaming is willing to take live casino game shows in the future.

In Crazy Time, which is developed by Evolution Gaming, all you need to do is predict the number the wheel will stop on, and there are four bonus rounds that could increase your payouts in this game.

Transforming Existing Games

Most game shows were integrated into existing casino games. This can best be seen in the Evolution Gaming release, Lightning Roulette. In this game, you can choose between outside and inside bets, and you can wager whatever you wish according to your budget.

When all bets are placed, several random numbers will be picked to increase their payouts. The increase will depend on the multiplier, and this could range from 50x to 400x.

With this, this game show format which was created from an existing casino game will see the existing fans getting a new gaming experience based on their favourite title.

Live casino game shows will only continue to grow in popularity as technology advances which will find more space for innovation in the future gameshows.

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