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Why Loading Speed And Mobile Usability Will Remain A Ranking Factor In 2023

As you can imagine, plenty of things go into good SEO services in NZ. On-page, off-page and technical SEO actions all have a big impact on how well your company’s website does online. As technology changes and trends develop, certain factors become more or less relevant, but there are two that will always remain extremely crucial – loading speed and mobile usability.

Therefore, if you want to be successful, your SEO team should be sure to pay attention to both of these factors. Falling short of either of them can turn away potential customers and upset your client base.

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You could be confused right now if you aren’t sure what loading speed or mobile usability is. What are these two important factors, and how do you make sure your site does well with both of them?

What Is Loading Speed And Why Is It Important?

Companies that focus on SEO services in NZ know how important loading speed is. Even if you aren’t familiar with the term itself, you have most likely noticed this factor when browsing the internet yourself.

To put it simply, loading speed is how quickly a singular page loads when you click on it. How improving page speeds improves SEO Pages with fast loading speed can be loaded and ready to go within a second or two, but pages with low loading speed might take a little while to become fully usable.

You can probably immediately tell why loading speed is good for SEO rankings and customer satisfaction. No one wants to wait forever for a simple page to load, especially if they are busy shopping or looking for crucial information.

At Kiwi Website Design, we offer SEO services in NZ, so we know how important page loading speed is, and we take measures to ensure that your site has good page loading speeds. Our services focus on performance as well as appearances and rankings.

Loading speed is important because:

  • Google search engine rankings often prioritise websites with fast loading speeds when compared to websites with slow loading speeds. If you want to get on the front page of Google, then loading speed should definitely be one of your site’s top priorities.
  • The average internet user appreciates good loading speed when they are browsing websites. If a site is too slow, they may leave out of frustration.
  • If your potential customers can quickly and easily go from page to page on your site, they will be more likely to stay and see what you offer them.

What Is Mobile Usability And Why Is It Important?

Even if you’re focusing on SEO services in NZ for a website that’s not specifically meant to be used on mobile, mobile usability is still critically important. This is because millions of people use their phones to browse the internet every single day, and they might not like your site if it’s not mobile-friendly.

Did you know that mobile device users account for around 60% of internet usage? Is mobile-friendliness a google ranking factor? Chances are, a good fraction of the people accessing your site are doing so through their smartphones, and they deserve to have a good experience when they do.

Any SEO team or company that specialises in SEO services in NZ should know how crucial mobile-friendliness is.

Mobile usability is important because:

  • Many potential customers use their mobile phones to access the internet when they shop or look for local businesses.
  • If your site is convenient to use on both personal computers and mobile phones, you’ll be more likely to please more people.
  • Websites that are mobile-friendly usually enjoy a ranking boost when compared to sites that are not optimised for both computer and mobile device use.

What Can I Do To Improve Either Of These Factors For My Site?

Both of these factors are an important part of SEO and should be a priority, and both can be improved or hindered in certain ways.

Perhaps the best step you can take to improve your site in each of these areas is to find a good company that can professionally help you with SEO services in NZ.

At Kiwi Website Design, we understand the extreme importance of both of these things. Our hard-working team would love to assist you if you are interested in enhancing your company’s website.

How Can I Ensure My Website Does Well In Search Engine Rankings In 2023?

If you want to do your best to make your business even more successful in 2023, we happily encourage you to reach out to us at Kiwi Website Design. We’ve created incredible websites for all sorts of businesses, and we’re confident that we can help you become more successful.

If you’re interested in our services, please give us a call at XXXX. We look forward to hearing from you!

Give your business a good start in 2023 with Kiwi Website Design.

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