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What Is the Difference Between UX and UI?

Even if you are already aware of the definition of UX design and UI design, are you amongst millions of those who are looking for a proper explanation of both of them? After all, expanding the abbreviation is not enough.

Difference Between UX and UI

In this article, we have shared the difference between UI and UX to help clear your confusion and decide what your app needs more.

UX Design: What is it?

UX design stands for user experience design and Don Norman, a reputed cognitive scientist, coined this term. According to Norman, UX design defines a user’s experience with a brand and its products. Thus, irrespective of the medium, UX applies to any interaction between the customer and the services offered by the company.

However, user experience design is not only limited to the visual appeal of a product. From the ease of use to functionality and design, it takes into consideration each element that shapes the experience of an end-user with a brand.

In simple words, UX is the process of developing a product by carefully looking after all the elements involved and aiming for enhanced interaction between a user and a product.

UI Design: What does that mean?

The user interface, or UI, is a graphic layout of a certain product or service to enhance the user’s interaction with a company. While UX is more focused on the overall experience, UI design is more aimed towards the visual feel and attractiveness of a product. User interface designers are thus highly resolute in working on the aesthetics of a product.

UI design hence encompasses the color palettes, animation, graphics, font style, buttons or widgets, etc. that appeal to the customer’s taste. For example, a kids’ shopping app is more focused on baby elements whereas a global shopping app such as Amazon has a universal color palette, standard buttons, and minimal design.

Difference between UI and UX

Technically, UX and UI work hand in hand to make an app interesting, efficient, and purposeful. The UX team works on the performance of the app and how the interface will perform the commands given.

Contrarily, the UI team works on designing how each element will appear so that the user interactions are increased. User interface design, thus, encompassed shapes, colors, graphics, sizes, etc.

Some of the key differences between UX and UI are.

  • UX designers perform deep research to understand their target audience’s needs before designing the app. On the other hand, UI designers educate themselves on the trending designs, vectors, and graphic elements that increase their engagement and encourage them to click and navigate on the elements aimed by the UX designer.
  • UX designers keep themselves updated with the customer needs and work on aiming the market gaps by analyzing the competitors. On the other hand, UI design is a continuous evolution of placing each element on the app to make navigation more user friendly.
  • UX aims for bringing a brand’s mission to life but UI helps in branding through a unique layout and theme.
  • UX determines to create products that are positively perceived by the customers and UI handles how it instantly attracts them to interact.
  • Most importantly, UX is concerned with how the app works and UI works on how the interface feels.

A high-functioning app cannot work without either of the two. As much as UX designers are needed to determine the roadmap of the app, UI designers bring all those plans to life. If there is a mind-blowing idea that has a lot of scope for success but is not executed well, is there any point of it? Will it make a difference? The answer is “no”.

Similarly, the collaboration between UI and UX is required to make unique ideas look more interesting. Both of them are equally important and complement each other. The apps that combine UI and UX designs are more successful than those which lag in either user interface or user experience design.

As an example, MailChimp is one of those companies whose UI and UX are both very strong. Since every business needs email marketing to scale up their digital marketing, MailChimp offers them a spectacular user experience and meets all their needs.

On the other hand, their mascot’s interactive graphics make the users more interested in trying out new features and exudes an emotional connection to enhance the overall feel.

The Bottom Line

Both UI and UX design of your product plays a significant role in the performance of your product or service. Hence, understanding the key responsibilities of each is very crucial in defining the success of your business.

Just like a building, UX is simply the architecture of your app whereas the UI design is how you design it to look more aesthetically appealing.

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