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Tips for Getting Retweets and Likes

Social media and sites have set new trends in this going century. The trends of everything has been changed especially marketing and advertising. Now, online marketing has become a field of its own. Majority of people is now shifting towards it because of its very benefits. It’s quite simple, make an account on a social media and start advertising. One of the suitable social media available is Twitter.

Best Tips to Getting Retweets and Likes

Tips for getting Retweets and Likes

Retweets and Likes

You can share your thoughts as well as you can use it for your very purposes. To use it for the sake of advertising and marketing, one would require a large number of visitors and followers. In Twitter, the popularity measure is getting Retweets and likes. This depends on how much your post reach is and other things.

Here given few tips about getting the hit button.

1 Avoid some words

Some words are to be avoided from use in your post because they are not really required on Twitter. Some words are:

  • Home
  • Bed
  • Well
  • Haha
  • Hey

2 Peak Hours

Use this strategy to boost your post. It will allow your post to be reached up to maximum people. You must consider the peak time because it may be different from the peak time of your very area.

3 Add links

It has been seen that tweets with links added and without link performed completely different. One with link has more likes and also tweeted back by other people. So, if someone wants its post or tweet to be retweeted then you must include links in your tweets.

4 Use Hashtags

It’s a new trend originate these days that to give importance or value to certain word, it’s been quoted with hashtag. You need to include them so your tweets will be more likely to be seen by others.

5 Ask for a Retweet

It is also a good strategy to engage people by asking them to retweet if they like or so. The result has been far better in this case.

6 Build Connections

Everyone wants his post to be seen and liked by many people. So, building connections with different people always help your cause. Mention them in your tweets so that the people trust starts building on you.

7 Current topics

Start a discussion with the current affair problem and ask the people to share their thoughts about it. It will not only help you building your community but also you will start to understand and read the minds of people.

Buying Followers and Likes

Some social media marketing companies are available who provide their services in this field. You can buy followers and likes from them but be sure about the reputation of those companies and originality of the likes and followers. There are some benefits of buying likes and retweets.


  • Your social circle increases
  • Your tweets become more powerful
  • You can have traffic on your blog or site.
  • Your credibility increases.
  • Makes you one of the awaited person on social media
  • The advertisement becomes very easy for you

The reputations of company from you are planning to buy matters a lot. We suggest you Devumi. This company has established its name in the world. There is no question about Devumi’s reputation. Their order placing process is very simple and they are reliable as well. This company is our recommended choice. 🙂

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