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Making $1000/Month With TeslaThemes Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most transparent and simple of making money online. In the procedure you need to promote a company’s product or services on your website and in return you earn commission. It works well for both the company and for you as you are not directly marketing the product but merely recommending products that are related to the content of your website. To get good success in Affiliate marketing you have to focus on rich and unique content for the services/product which you going to write about.

Why TeslaThemes Affiliate Program?

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes affiliate program has gained a lot of appreciation because of their timely payment and quality sales tracking. They have a very flexible business model and cheaper theme rates which enhances the sales. This affiliate program allows you to make money by referring Premium WordPress Themes buyers to their site in returns they equally shares the profit.

Each time the visitor clicks or buys from your affiliate link or banners placed on your site then you will get instant 50% commission. It is one of the best and most trusted affiliate programs in the WordPress niche.

Following are some of the enticing features for which you must choose TeslaThemes Affiliate Program:

1. 50% commissions:

Each time when a visitor buys a Tesla’s Premium WordPress Themes from your affiliate link then they instantly shares 50% of the total selling amount as your commission for the hard work. Counting itself amongst the highest payers TeslaThemes provides you a great opportunity for growing your per month earning.

2. 2nd Tier Commission:

This is one of the most impressive features of TeslaThemes that make them ahead any affiliate program in the WordPress niche. According to it, you will get 15% commissions for the sales made by your referral. Suppose, you referred a user from your Affiliate link and one sale (cost $100) made through his unique affiliate link then your referred guy will earn $50 and you will get $15. Isn’t interesting ?

3. All-in-One Account:

You don’t require additional accounts to get the benefits of TeslaThemes affiliate program. You can simply log in with your account to manage the affiliate settings using the affiliate dashboard and start promoting with your affiliate links in order to make $$$$ per month.

4. 90 days cookies:

These cookies trace the visitor’s activities for 90 days in order to track sales. In very simple word, suppose a visitor landed on TeslaThemes through your affiliate link and decided to buy later so you have 90 days period to get commissions from your referred buyer purchase.

5. Complete toolkit:

User doesn’t have to worry about the links and banners as TeslaThemes provides a complete set of embedded codes, Affiliate link generator tool, demo plugins etc..It simplifies your works as all you need to do is to just place these links and banners on your site.

6. Monthly payments:

You need not to reach a threshold in order to withdraw your payments. A payment as small as $1 can also be withdrawn per month through PayPal or Payoneer. For Payoneer payment one has to send email request to TeslaThemes support team for arranging their payments.

Signing up with TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

Signing up for TeslaThemes is no hard trick and might take just a few short steps. The very first step is to create an account with TeslaThemes which is free of cost. Once you have filled all the forms and credentials then you can simply log into your account and then go to the “Affiliate Program” page.

Here you will be provided access to all referral links and banners, that you can place on your site to engage more visitors. Users are provided with a complete set of text links and promotional banners to make the most out of this affiliate program.


Start Earning 50% + 15% Commission

Best Trick to Promote TeslaThemes to Boost Commissions

Content is King’ is no just a metaphor anymore. It is something on which your whole affiliate strategy will depend. At the end of the day a good affiliate program will help only if your content is engaging. Therefore the best way to promote Tesla’s premium WordPress theme is rich and quality content to make your sales more consistent.

Updating your published articles as soon new offers/discounts announced from TeslaThemes can also boost your post engagement and sales. Apart from separate content creation with TeslaThemes coupons, Promo Codes one can also

use email marketing, participate in Q-A forums etc.

The Don’ts

  • While being associated with TeslaThemes you cannot engage in your own purchases to earn commissions.
  • Avoid PPC advertising as it is not something that TeslaThemes allows to promote their service with your affiliate links.
  • Never use TeslaThemes brand name in your domain name or PPC keywords to engage visitors.

Abiding by these terms is very necessary as TeslaThemes is entitled to terminate your affiliate account if you don’t comply with their policies.

So, Finally we can conclude after going through above all the great features that TeslaThemes Affiliate program is the easy way to make up to $1000 per month as their commission is perfect and there is hardly any program that provides you 50% commission with 15% 2nd tier on every sales. Great Support, transparency and promising approach are the aspects that make TeslaThemes Affiliate program count among the best. So, what’s waiting for Sign up with TeslaThemes Affiliate program and start earning your first $$$$ 😀

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