PDF Wiz – Simpler Way to Convert and Edit Your PDF Files

PDF files are extremely popular. This is because they offer several benefits over other types of files. These files are especially suitable for those who require working on huge number of files. PDF format allows compressing high quality files.

PDF Wiz – A Free & Simpler Way to Convert and Edit PDF Files


These are compressed to form small sized files that can easily be transferred over emails and via other mediums. Likewise, these files offer secure transfer of data. You can easily insert password to protect these files. However, it can be quite difficult to work on a PDF format.

Converting and editing such a file can be tough. While many software systems facilitate these tasks, they charge a good amount in return. The introduction of PDF WIZ has made the task easier for all those who use PDF files frequently.

PDF WIZ is indeed a life saver for all of us working on PDF formats. And more so for those who require editing the content on these files. I have personally used this desktop program and talk from first hand experience.

The program really is amazing. Converting and editing PDF files using PDF WIZ is a breeze. Here is a detailed review of this awesome program.

PDF WIZ is simple to Use

PDF WIZ is extremely easy to use. The best part is that all the functions and features of this tool are given on a single page. The page is easy to scan through. This is because it has been segregated using sub-sections.

This allows you to easily find what you are looking for. Besides, you can convert the files in just a few clicks. So, you spend less time and effort to accomplish your tasks.

Converting PDFs to other formats without Compromising on Quality

PDF files boast of high quality content. However, when you convert these into other file formats the quality of the content usually gets distorted. This is often a lack on the part of the tool used to convert the file. This is one major factor you need to keep in mind while choosing the conversion tool.

Converting PDFs to other formats

I have tried converting different kinds of PDF files using PDF WIZ. To test the tool to the core, I recently uploaded a PDF file with extremely complicated content.

The file had high quality graphics, bright colours and enormous amount of text. I expected some kind of distortion as I tried to convert it. But to my surprise, the content was totally readable even on conversion.

Other Important Features

Apart from facilitating conversion and editing of PDF files, PDF WIZ also offers other important features. For instance, you can split PDF format file into separate documents. Likewise, you can merge two documents together.

Important Features

I have tried both these features. Both these can be done smoothly and quickly. Another impressive feature of this tool is that it allows extracting images from PDF file into a folder. So, PDF WIZ offers diverse uses.

Ensures Privacy

The internet is full of online PDF converters. You will find many of these in an instant. However, we do not recommend using these tools. This is because you cannot trust them completely. When you upload your file online, you never know where all it gets stored and who all get access to it.

This way, your important data becomes vulnerable to attack. Besides, the website you are using may be keeping a track on your other uploads as well.

You do not require worrying about any of this with PDF WIZ. It is a desktop program and runs offline. You can convert and edit your PDF files offline with this tool. So, your data remains secure.

PDF WIZ is Free

PDF WIZ is Free

To top it all, this amazing tool is absolutely free. You can download it easily and start using it instantly. You do not require paying any registration charge or activation fee. What?

You suspect some hidden charges? No, there is nothing of that kind. The tool kit is completely free. All its features are available free of cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Download PDF WIZ today to convert and edit your PDF files easily. Also, make use of the other features it offers. If you are already using it then do tell us how it is working for you. As for me, I have used many online PDF converters and trust me the experience wasn’t all that great.

I have spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time in the conversion of these files. Even after doing so, I have faced glitches. But life has been easy ever since I laid hands on PDF WIZ!

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