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InterServer Web Hosting (Overview, Pricing and Features)

We have been availing InterServer services since quite a few years. Based on our experience, we can vouch that it is one of the top hosting companies around. The company has several kinds of plans on offer.

InterServer Hosting Review – Overview, Pricing and Features

InterServer Hosting Review

This includes shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated servers. The New-Jersey based company continually tries to enhance its services. Here is a complete review of the services InterServer offers.

Excellent Service at Affordable Price

The company offers excellent hosting services at reasonable rate. It has several hosting plans and all of them are cost-effective. I compared it with those available by various other companies. Trust me I couldn’t find more competitive rates than this. Moreover, the company offers price lock guarantee.

This means you will always pay for the service as per the price initially decided. The price will never increase for you. The quality of service will also always stay in tact. You will get excellent service. There will be absolutely no compromise on its quality.

InterServer’s shared plans are especially a steal. These are loaded with features and are available for a much lower price compared to other companies. Besides, special discount is given to those who pay upfront for a year or more.

Strong Hold over Hosting Network

InterServer Web Hosting has a stronghold over its hosting network. This is one of the biggest strengths of the company. This has been possible because of its data centre which is owned privately. It is managed by experts in US. It boasts of three Tier-1 IP providers. These include.

  1. Zayo: This is heavily networked across the US East Coast.
  2. Cogent: This has especially been put in place for the European nodes.
  3. NTT Communication: This is a global provider. It particularly ensures good coverage across Asia.

Strong Hold over Hosting Network

Caters to Businesses of all Sizes

InterServer is a big name in the field of web hosting. It has been operating since years. However, the company does not cater only to big businesses. It offers services to businesses of various sizes. In order to help, businesses with different budgets, the company offers different hosting plans.

Several big and small companies around the world are happily using its services. Many small businesses are opting for InterServer’s Cloud Hosting service. This is because of the features it offers. It also offers the ease of use.

Money Back Guarantee

Another positive point of InterServer is that it offers 30 day money back guarantee for shared hosting accounts. The refund process is quick and easy. You just require sending an email to the company requesting them to initiate refund. No further formality is required.

They process the refund without asking any questions. However, I have been using their services since years and have never faced any issue where I required a refund. The company always delivers what it commits.

Unlimited Shared Hosting

I have tried different hosting plans offered by InterServer. While the service offered for each of them is commendable, I particularly love its shared hosting plan. This is because of the amazing benefits it comes with.

One of the best things about Interserver’s shared web hosting plans is that it offers unlimited storage as well as unlimited bandwidth. Many companies claim to offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. However, there is always a catch. There is some hidden clause to avail it.

This is not the case with InterServer. The company offers what it commits. Unlimited here means unlimited in the real sense. Moreover, SSL certificates are also provided free of cost with this plan.

Guaranteed Uptime  

InterServer offers 50% credit off the cost of your hosting plan each month if it is unable to deliver as promised. There are online tools that help keep a track on the website’s availability. You can use these to record the same. The outage has to be reported immediately.

You can do the same by filling a customer support ticket. I have done this a couple of times and received uptime. Tracking the time is easy. The process of reporting the outage is also simple. The company responds quickly and does the needful.

Variety of Hosting Plans

The company offers wide variety of hosting plans. These include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Colocation Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Custom Hosting, Quick Servers Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS). InterServer’s VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting service is particularly popular.

InterServer Plans

Let us now have a look at the various plans InterServer offers. The pricing, rating as well as features of the various plans have also been given below. This will give you complete information about what the company has on offer.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan  NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of SitesPrice Score

VPS Hosting Plans

CPU CoresMemoryStorageTransferPrice
1 Cores2048MB30GB SSD1TB$6.00/Month
2 Cores4096MB60GB SSD2TB$12.00/Month
3 Cores6144MB90GB SSD3TB$18.00/Month
4 Cores8192MB120GB SSD4TB$24.00/Month
5 Cores10240MB150GB SSD5TB$30.00/Month
6 Cores12288MB180GB SSD6TB$36.00/Month
7 Cores14336MB210GB SSD7TB$42.00/Month
8 Cores16384MB240GB SSD8TB$48.00/Month
9 Cores18432MB270GB SSD9TB$54.00/Month
10 Cores20480MB300GB SSD10TB$60.00/Month
11 Cores22528MB330GB SSD11TB$66.00/Month
12 Cores24576MB360GB SSD12TB$72.00/Month
13 Cores26624MB390GB SSD13TB$78.00/Month
14 Cores28672MB420GB SSD14TB$84.00/Month
15 Cores30720MB450GB SSD15TB$90.00/Month
16 Cores32768MB480GB SSD16TB$96.00/Month

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan NameSpace  CPURAMPriceScore
Xeon E3-1230250 GB4 x 3.00GHz16 GB$70.002
2 x Six-Core E5-2620250 GB12 x 2.00GHz8 GB$340.009.1

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Brilliant Customer Support

InterServer’s hosting service works smooth. However, there is no need to worry even if you get stuck somewhere. This is because the company boasts of brilliant customer support service. The support is provided 24/7. This is irrespective of the plan you have selected.

They offer assistance over the phone as well as via live chats. I have personally taken assistance from their customer support staff. I was amazed at the knowledge they possess, their soft skills as well as their problem solving ability.

They listen to the issue patiently and offer solution in an instant. InterServer also has the facility to migrate your current site to their servers absolutely free of cost.

They also have step by step solution to common hosting related issues on their website. These have been explained well with screenshots. The information is updated regularly.

All in all, InterServer is doing a great job. It offers excellent hosting service at reasonable rate. It has a strong network and brilliant customer support. Moreover, you get money back guarantee and various other benefits.

No other company offers these many benefits. I have used hosting services by many companies but none is better than this one. I haven’t looked elsewhere ever since I have started using InterServer’s service. Their customer service support is particularly impressive.

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