International Student Accommodation Options In Australia

Although beautiful landscapes come to mind when considering Australia as a getaway location, it’s actually also one of the most popular destinations for international students!

Accommodation In Australia for International Students

Student Accommodation Australia

Studying in Australia is more affordable than many other English speaking countries, and each of its cities and universities offer some unique and interesting features that might suit an assortment of people.

If you do decide to study in Australia, it’s helpful to know about all of the potential accommodation options that you might have access to, so in this article we take a look at a few to help you better prepare for your time at an Australian university.

Choosing off-campus student housing

When you’re considering international student accommodation on the Gold Coast versus accommodation in Sydney, your options will obviously be quite different. In any case, Australia differs from many other international universities by providing limited options for housing on campus, often requiring students to work out their own accommodation options.

One of the most popular options for international students is off-campus student housing, as some of these have partnerships with certain universities, meaning they’re close to where you need to go to class.

Living in off-campus student housing can also provide you with the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, particularly if you opt for shared living spaces. This means that you’ll never know when you might meet someone you become good friends, particularly due to social spaces being common in off-campus student housing.

This option is also particularly suited for people who value security and privacy, as the on-site security and full-time assistance means that you’ll never be in a situation you can’t dig yourself out of.

Private options you might want to consider

If you’re looking to save a bit of money in your housing situation and are happy to live somewhere with other people you study with or even strangers, a private rental property might be a good way to go.

Unlike with off-campus student housing you’ll have to purchase things like whitegoods and furniture for your house if it isn’t pre-furnished which can very quickly add up, but if you find a good share house that is already well furnished, you might only need a bed.

Also, unlike off-campus student housing, the location of your rental property might be quite far away from the university, with the caveat being that it might be in an area that is a lot more fun to explore than the typical university areas.

Homestays are also a popular option for many international students, as it allows for an easy way to understand and learn more about the general Australian culture and lifestyle without being thrown into the deep end.

Choosing the options that suit

Although you might have an idea of where you want to stay and the kind of accommodation you want, there are still a few other considerations you might need to make.

These include selecting the ideal room for you (whether it be private or shared), if you prefer living with people you’re friends with (or want to become friends with) and how close you want to be to either the culture of the city you’re living in or the university itself (as they often aren’t as close as people prefer).

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