Creative Ideas For Students to Enjoy Writing

For bloggers and others who love expressing themselves in words, writing can be fun and they can write about almost anything. However, it is not always the case for students especially when they are expected to hand in quality papers for their grading.

Creative Ideas For Students to Writing

This, therefore, means that they need to learn and enjoy creative writing. Due to the pressure that comes with academic papers, some students opt to buy college essays online.

Most students are task-oriented when it comes to writing, they only write when they have the assignment to submit. This ought not to be the case since for one to become a good writer, practice is key.

Students enjoy doing fun exercises and so for them to love writing, the teacher should consider getting a little more creative. Below are creative ideas for students to enjoy and improve writing skills.

Good Morning Writing

Writing experts believe that writing immediately after waking up clears your day from any hindrances. It is a way of opening up your day and allowing your mind to release a refreshment just before you get into your day’s schedule. If students discover the secret of early morning writing, then they will begin to enjoy writing like never before.

Usually, this kind of exercise is not about what you write about, but rather the time of the day that you do the writing. This exercise will not only help them to enjoy their writing but will also help some out of depression. Penning down thoughts and ideas when the mind has had rest is therapeutic writing.

Even though some students may prefer doing other things in the morning, including writing as one of the early morning exercises will work well for them.

It is possible that the reason some of them do not enjoy writing the rest of the day is that they skip the morning bit. One can even do the writing as they enjoy their cup of coffee. This makes it more fun and less stressful so that they do not feel the pressure to finish fast.

Revisiting Past Stories

Sometimes students find it hard to come up with a story of events that have not even taken place. This is because some have the unlimited imagination or so they believe.

For such students to enjoy writing, the teacher can allow them to rewrite the past. It becomes much easier for them since they are not required to overstretch their imagination.

This enables them to take a chain of events and relationship between characters then tell the story in their own words. The dynamic nature of history also allows them to write about any subject as per the directions.

In rewriting the past, the teacher can provide guidelines in form of sub-headings or questions. This enables the students to create interest in the stories as well as stir up their imagination a little bit. Since the narration is already done for them, it becomes easier and fun to draw comparisons, contrasts, and conclusions from the same.

Again, rewriting an existing text gives the students an opportunity to write their own story with relation to the one given. Since the direction is already provided, they are able to stick to a particular scope and find their way around.

Constructing Headlines

In every style of writing, the headline determines whether the reader will follow through the rest of the work or will stop at the topic. This means that constructing catchy headlines could be a fun exercise for students. To help students in this, the teacher can provide them with different written articles and challenge them to come up with catchy topics.

They can do this from scratch or reconstruct already existing topics. This will enable them to develop the skills required in writing and make them more creative. Testing them with a variety of styles is also of great help since they are able to find their way around.

Perspective Challenge

This is one of the exercises that enable students to think creatively and come up with something totally different from what is provided. Messing with the perspective of a story could mean rewriting a poem in prose.

Also, students can be challenged to make a plain scene comical by changing the perspective of that particular scene. This exercise is not only enjoyable but also very technically involving.

Another way to mess with the perspective of a story is by completely changing its structure and rhythm. The story remains the same but a completely different perspective is brought out.

Undertaking a perspective challenge builds the creativity of the student and prepares them to approach writing from any angle. Once they can do this by themselves, even doing their term paper becomes enjoyable and less of a burden.

Writing Summaries

Summary Writing

This is another writing exercise that keeps students interested in a particular piece of work. Since it requires them to keenly go through a specific text, it boosts concentration. For instance, the teacher can ask the students to rewrite a text in as few as a hundred words.

This means they have to go through it and get the gist of the whole text. This is the only way they can produce a well-balanced summary of the same without altering its meaning and theme. The good thing about such an exercise is that it allows the student to freely extract the main ideas.

Final Remarks

Even though students are required to write throughout their schooling period, writing does not necessarily flow naturally for some of them.

Creative ways of engaging them like discussed above are needed to keep them interested and skillful. Experts at come in handy to save the day for most students.

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