MultCloud – Powerful Tool to Manage All Your Cloud Storage Accounts

We know that cloud storage is very convenient in today’s information age and our lives can’t leave all kinds of clouds services now. Our data is always spread across multiple online cloud storage services, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, as well as pCloud and more.


We also know that it is difficult to manage and transfer all of these files, let alone keep them in sync! But we still can’t avoid managing and transferring important data in multiple clouds. Fortunately, this problem that has long plagued us has finally got a solution. It is called MultCloud.

Basics to Know – MultCloud

MultCloud is a powerful multiple cloud storage manager that allows you to combine all our clouds in to one and transfer and sync files between different cloud drives. It not only provides an easy way to access and manage files though a Web-based app and also offers a smooth user experience and an intuitive user interface.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.

1] Tie Together All Cloud Services

Register an account on the MultCloud website and then access multiple cloud storage services in the same location on the web page.

With it, we no longer have to access many websites or install multiple clouds applications to access all stored files. It supports a wide variety of popular cloud drives, as we can see in the screenshot below, which can support up to 33 cloud drives we usually use.

MultCloud helps users organize and manage images, videos, documents and many other files from different cloud services in one place. Some management operations such as uploading, downloading, renaming, deleting, copying, previewing, sharing, etc. can be done. With the help of MultCloud, we can even use drag-and-drop to manage files in different cloud drives.

Tie Together All Cloud Services

2] Easy Transfer Between Multiple Cloud Drives

MultCloud connects to all our cloud services, allowing us to securely access all online files from multiple cloud storage services under a virtual roof.

Due to it is a web-based application that allows users to set up transfer tasks for automatically moving cloud file from one cloud to another, and the transfer process runs on the server of MultCloud. It is very easy to manage automatic backups between clouds or regular synchronization between clouds and there is no need to always keep the device downloading and uploading files from one cloud to another.

Even if the device is powered off, MultCloud will still help us migrate files. Furthermore, transfer process runs on MultCloud’s server, so it does not store our files. When the data transfer is complete, the data will be deleted from the MultCloud database and the entire process is very secure.

More importantly, it also has a transfer filter that allows users to move cloud files with specific extensions. Once a specific extension is selected, the system automatically recognizes the file and transfers the file from one cloud to another.

Easy Transfer Between Multiple Cloud Drives

3] Sync data between clouds Flexiblely

With MultCloud, we can use 8 different customization options to synchronize data between clouds instead of the cumbersome way of downloading files from one cloud and re-uploading them to another.

Besides, we can set up automatic cloud synchronization at specific times or on regular time periods, which is useful when we need to synchronize data between cloud drives frequently. In addition, MultCloud users can receive email notifications as long as the cloud file transfer between clouds is complete.

Sync data between clouds Flexiblely

The Bottom Line

Considering all the above highlights, MultCloud is one of the must-have products for all users who need to manage, sync and move files between cloud storages. Even better, it’s FREE for up to 2GB of data a month. That’s easily enough for the average user. We recommend that everyone download MultCloud and try it out.

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