What Is A Toy Hauler? A Complete Guide

A toy hauler isn’t the kind of RV that is seen around very often. And no, this isn’t a big trailer for packing up all the toys your child wants to take on a trip. (Although this might seem like a useful item sometimes.)

A toy hauler is an RV which has an additional space attached which is effectively a garage. It allows a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle to be stored in the back of the RV. This is a great use of space. And can make traveling so much easier.

What Is A Toy Hauler

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This is especially true if you like going on smaller days out while on a trip. You definitely don’t want to have to take your big RV out with you on a trip to the peach or to a water park.

If you’re thinking about investing in a toy hauler, here are some of the main things to consider.

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This is a big one. Because toy haulers themselves are pretty big. They have extra space. But they need to be big enough for vehicles. Even small vehicles and motorcycles can take up a lot of space. So they’re going to need a big space to store these.

But this doesn’t always have to be the case. Some toy haulers can be much smaller than the standard large RV. They definitely won’t be the smallest, some of the best small toy haulers are still relatively large. But they don’t have to take up a huge amount of space.

Who are Toy Haulers For?

Toy haulers aren’t necessary for everyone who likes going on camping trips. If you are looking for an RV and are wondering if you should invest in a toy hauler, it’s best to consider the kind of activities you will do on a trip.

One of the main things to remember about toy haulers is that they cost a fair amount. They can be up to $20,000 more expensive than the average RV price. So, before you even consider whether you want one, think about whether you need one. As well as whether it will fit into your budget.

If you do have this kind of money to spend, then next consider the kind of things you will use it for. As mentioned above, they are used to add space for vehicles or bikes.

If you plan to go on day trips on your vacation, then you might need to take a car with you. If you will only need a few bikes, then these can easily be attached with a bike rack.

But, if you want to go on trips further afield, a car might be necessary. If you need something specific, like your four-wheel drive, then you might not want to risk renting a car. This is a pretty good reason for investing in a toy hauler. Especially if you will be going away often.

Or, if you are a motorcycle fanatic, this is another great reason to invest in a toy hauler. As you can’t attach a motorcycle to a bike rack.

Driving a Toy Hauler

Although there are some toy haulers that are pretty small, this doesn’t mean that they will be easy to drive. Driving any kind of RV takes some getting used to. Especially if you’re only used to driving smaller cars.

An RV is a huge step up. Driving a toy hauler can mean that you will be driving a much bigger vehicle. But also one that will contain another (probably pretty expensive) vehicle. This means that you will have to be even more careful.

It also means that the toy hauler will be quite a big heavier than most other RVs. Unlike a trailer, a toy hauler isn’t attached to another car. Otherwise, you might not have to invest in extra vehicle space. It will have a driving cab at the front. But it will still take some getting used to.

So, driving a toy hauler will also take some getting used to. You don’t want to be spending tens of thousands of dollars on something that you can’t drive anywhere. So, it’s important to consider your own driving capabilities.


Overall, a toy hauler is pretty much a luxury item. It is only necessary if you are 100% sure that you need your car or motorcycles with you on your trip. Otherwise, it might be worth considering something smaller. As well as something a little more affordable.

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