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7 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Mobile Marketing

Back in the day when the internet was only available via a desktop, mobile marketing was unheard of. Most businesses stuck to tried and tested methods, sending out leaflets and posting ads in the press. These days, marketers are able to reach vast global audiences with the click of a mouse and mobile advertising has become a game changer.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Benefits

Larger businesses have worked out the importance of mobile marketing. They have whole departments devoted to the job of creating marketing strategies for mobile devices. In fact, executives are just as likely to send their senior management figures on a mobile marketing course, as they are to pay for them to do Six Sigma lean business training.

Despite this, smaller companies are not always on board with the concept. If this sounds like you, here are seven reasons why you cannot afford to ignore mobile marketing any longer.

Mobile is On the Rise

70% of the world’s population now accesses the internet from a mobile device. Desktops are in decline, particularly amongst the younger population. Mobile marketing is no longer a new trend; rather, it is an essential part of any marketing strategy.

1. People use their smartphone than any other device. The average person spends 195 minutes a day on their smartphone. We shop, chat, surf the internet, and catch up on social media via our smartphone. If you pay attention to mobile marketing, you stand a much better chance of reaching customers.

2. Mobile SMS marketing is far more effective than email or internet marketing. People are much more likely to open an SMS message whereas they tend to ignore email marketing messages.

3. Google ranks mobile friendly sites higher than other websites. If your website doesn’t perform well when someone opens it on a mobile device, your rankings will be affected.

4. Mobile advertising data is vital if you want to track brand performance. Available data lets businesses target customers based on their location, so you have the opportunity to drive them straight to your store.

Mobile is On the Rise

5. E-Commerce is no longer the future of shopping. Instead, it is right here, right now. Google is working on a ‘Buy’ button for mobile shoppers, so it won’t be long before you can sell products from mobile pages.

6. Big brands are spending a fortune on mobile advertising because they get more bang for their buck. The days of print and TV/radio are long gone.

7. Mobile affects how we view content. To be successful at mobile marketing you need to think outside of the box. Innovative, fun content tends to perform better than a straightforward text box ad.

The Future of Marketing

You literally cannot afford to ignore the power of mobile. For a small, local business, mobile might not seem relevant, but if you allow this important opportunity to pass you buy, your business will suffer in the long term.

Customers will switch to more forward-thinking businesses, and you will be left behind. So embrace mobile marketing and make it work for you. 🙂

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