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Simple Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

In order to ensure the success of the app you worked so hard to build. You will need to ensure that it can be easily found on the web.

Promote the app through avenues of earned media to increase customer affinity such as social integration, app store optimization, and of course, SEO on all of your profiles across the web. App stores contain a massive amount of apps and you’ll need a strategy to get your app better placement in the app store.

How to Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

Increase Your App Downloads

Promotion in the app store

To begin optimizing your app, start with the title and keywords. You can optimize this on Itunes Connect. With App Store Optimization, the goal is to target the searches conducted on app store like Apple App Store and Google Play.

You will need to conduct keyword research to understand the terms consumers use when searching. Therefore, you will need to utilize a tool that allows you to analyze keyword level search volume.

App Store Optimization works much in the same way as Search Engine Optimization. You’ll want to make the content surrounding the app more relevant to the users and bots that come across the app information. Just as search engines do, apps have rankings, keywords, user reviews and ratings.

Marketing your app

Market your app in bursts. You’re able to boost your way up the Top Rank lists when you are doing PR, ads and social marketing all in conjunction. Moving up these lists means more web visibility for your app as well as increased organic downloads.

If your app is designed to cater to B2B businesses, you may need to narrow down your target audience further so they can become loyalists and brand advocates.

For some businesses it has worked well to engage in Facebook Mobile Install Ads targeting specific audiences.

If you have a team doing your marketing, you can easily track the time they’ve spent promoting your app by using the online software ClockSpot.

Mobile App Downloads

Treat apps like the product that they are and cross-sell with your other apps. Getting your app featured on the app store in combination with PR has been a winning formula for app promotion.

In order to get featured you need to know what Apple is looking for. First and foremost, the app needs to be relevant to local users.

The featured apps are handpicked by one of many editorial teams. What criteria does the team use to pick an app? It needs to be a high quality app with a clean design.

Think of the way Apple designs their products. Launching the iOS version of your app first can be beneficial.

It shows your loyalty to Apple and they may be more likely to support you. Be sure that your app works perfectly across all iOS products including iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

Continue to update your app, as this increases the likelihood of being featured in the Apple App store and other places on the web.

There is a section titled “Best New Updates” that features games that have made significant improvements. Holidays are a great time to update your app. Holiday specific app lists begin to surface and it should be your goal to be on one of these lists.

Make sure your app listing page is sharp, organized and looks something that Apple would promote. Be creative, make a promo video that shows consumers using the app with Apple products. A mock up like this can be easily created using a site like Engage in all of your marketing efforts concurrently in short bursts and you will see positive results. 🙂

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  • It was really difficult to get app downloads until or unless our app is really useful for users,the most difficult part is getting downloads is easy but making them active is more difficult.