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Top Spring Fashion Trends For Women In 2021

Ladies! Spring has arrived in all its glory, and it’s time to scoop up the hottest trends of the season.

Spring is all about bright colors, romantic pastels, feminine florals, and flaunting your curves in lightweight fabrics. After covering and draping our bodies in layers of wool and cashmere, spring is a celebration of feminine sensuality. It’s a tasteful transition to the bold and sultry outfits to flaunt our summer bod when the heart starts pouring.

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends To Know

Spring Fashion Trends For Women

This season, designers have revived a delightful myriad of vintage and retro trends in chic, contemporary ensembles. Retro trends like sheer fabrics, beautifully patterned headscarves, and yellow-camel pairings are making a fabulous comeback.

Here, feast your eyes on the hottest fashion trends for spring ’21.

Skin-Baring in Sheer

Ladies, here’s a fiery and feisty spring trend that you can continue enjoying all summer-long: sheer ensembles. Sheer skin-baring fabrics are a prominent element in most fashion styles: bohemian, athleisure, or black-tie.

Sheer fabrics are all about flaunting your curves with a bold and confident outlook. You can explore a wealth of trends and inspirations to incorporate sheer ensembles in your everyday attire. We encourage you to go all-out in sheer crop tops, open-back dresses, fancy blouses, and sensual lingerie pieces.

Many women shy away from flaunting sheer garments to avoid attracting attention towards their muffin-top or overall physique. Covering your curves with layers of fabric is a gross injustice as you deny your body the respect it deserves. Sheer dresses and lingerie pieces will instill confidence and elevate your self-esteem.

It’s wise to invest in neutral-toned shapewear for plus size women to create a cinched-up appeal to rock sheer dresses and blouses. The shapewear will slim down your waist and tuck in that gently-protruding muffin top to play up your garments splendidly.

Bulky Boyfriend Blazers

If you love the comfort and baggy chicness of oversized outwear staples, here’s a spring trend you’ll adore. Bulky boyfriend blazers with clean lines and 80s-style shoulder pads are making a major comeback on runways worldwide.

Oversized boyfriend blazers are all the rage, and you can easily incorporate this timeless retro trend into your daywear attire. The shoulder pads are a powerful element that will cinch down your waist and create an illusion of longer legs. A bulky boyfriend jacket is the ultimate styling staple to elevate your workwear and daywear statements.

We urge you to invest in versatile and neutral-toned hues, such as charcoal, denim, black, powder blue, and subtle pastels. These colors work well with a plethora of colorful garments and monotone garments. Pair the boyfriend blazer with sleek straight-leg pants and basic crop tops for an ultra-modern work-to-play outfit.

Silky Headscarves

Grace Kelly, a timeless icon of elegance, inspired an abundance of timeless trends, including the retro headscarf statement. The uber-chic Princess of Monaco transformed the purpose of the scarf by knotting her opulent Hermes scarf around her head. She gave rise to the headscarf statement that was all the rage back in the 50s and 60s.

Paired with sunglasses and pearls, this look is the ultimate symbol of high-fashion panache. It appears that the iconic headscarf trend is back, and fashion influencers are flaunting its classy appeal with anything and everything.

When you’re done channeling your inner Grace Kelly in ladylike ensembles, flaunt this look with t-shirts and dangerously low necklines. We strongly urge you to flaunt the headscarf statement with a sharply tailored pantsuit featuring a deeply-protruding V-neckline. Compliment the look with chunky plastic-rimmed aviators and bold red lipstick!

Best spring fashion trends

Pretty in Pastels

Pretty in pastels is the ultimate spring vibe so that you can celebrate the peachy, pink, and creamy hues of the season. Pastels are another fabulous trend to build a functional summertime wardrobe with calm tones to cool off against the heat.

This season, get ready to infuse your wardrobe with delightful sorbet-like pastel hues that complement nearly all skin tones. Ravish yourself with pretty pastels in lavender, mint green, peach, mauve, baby blue, coral, lemon, and raspberry. These colors create a soft, creamy, and buttery aesthetic that you can flaunt in workwear, casual, and streetwear attire.

These chic pastel colors will elevate your spring and summertime aesthetic with their buttery tones and versatile functionality. A mint green blazer is an excellent investment, and we urge you to flaunt lavender in tulle for springtime weddings and festivities.

Luxe Sporty Energy

The athleisure luxe trend continues to dominate fashion radars and runways worldwide. With millions of people shut indoors for over a year, sporty separates are a definite must-have to stay and look energetic. Loose and lanky lounging pants are nothing less than magnets that attract lazy habits, extra pounds, and binge-eating sessions.

Eclectic and sleek yoga leggings, crop tops, and chic sports bras will energize your mood and body. Besides, the sleek and slim fit will inspire you to admire your curves and look after your body with mindful and healthy habits.

Sporty separates and luxe athleisure apparel are all about flaunting a comfort-focused and neo-feminine chicness. These sporty apparel highlight your curves without caging your body in uncomfortable fits.

Yellow Fever

This season yellow is everywhere the eye turns, from blouses, pants, and dresses to quirky handbags and retro accessories. Ladies, sunny and pastel yellows are the hottest colors of the season. This timeless trend is brimming with radiant energy.

You can go all-out in bold yellow matching separates or spice up your neutral statements with mustard tote bags. Yellow has an overpowering appeal, making it the perfect styling partner to jazz up monochromatic outfits and dull colors. You cannot create a style-savvy wardrobe this spring without a sharply structured yellow tote bag.


Fashion and style are incredibly personal and intimate, and these two creative forces define our personality traits. We always encourage goddesses to be bold and confident and embrace trends that appeal to their taste.

This spring, we encourage you to celebrate your curves with pretty pastels, sexy sheer outfits, and Grace Kelly-inspired elegance.

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