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Link Building Strategies for New Business Owners

New business owners have quite the hurdle to overcome, especially in a competitive industry. No one’s going to hold your hand while you try to work toward success, and your competitors will constantly try to take your target demographic through various marketing tactics. It’s a frustrating situation, especially if you aren’t sure where to start.

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle everything alone. One of the core principles of startup management is the ability to take from the example of successful companies to help elevate your position in the industry. It also means getting the help of experienced professionals to help make up for your lack of experience.

Digital marketing is typically the way to go, as it’s an easy way to get the attention of your demographic – provided you know what you’re doing.

Link Building Strategies

There are plenty of link-building strategies out there, which is a way to let search engine algorithms know that your business is worth ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Here are a few link-building strategies for startup owners.

Effective guest blogging for your business

Many people claim that guest blogging is an obsolete digital marketing method for search engine optimisation (SEO). The reason why they make such claims is that the old method of guest blogging is obsolete.

To be fair, many SEO strategies from way back had a hectic and imprecise quality about them that made it difficult to get the job done. However, search engine algorithms these days are much smarter, and they can tell when certain backlinks have no use.

When you’re dealing with content marketing and writing guest blogs to help improve your link-building strategy, relevance counts for quite a lot.

If the website is not relevant to what you’re writing, it won’t do much to help your position in the industry. Therefore, it’s crucial to look for websites relevant to your niche to ensure that your guest blogs make the most out of the situation.

Going for link-building agencies that know what they’re doing

While guest blogging can be an easy way to build backlinks, it’s crucial to get the help of a professional to make up for the lack of experience. Marketing experts are mandatory when it comes to digital marketing, as they can help ease the burden, giving you a chance to focus on what you do best.

You’ll want to go for a company capable of handling multiple fronts, which means you’ll have to research the best businesses available. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork, and offers the most solutions for various industries, even improve you link building for iGaming, which can be a hectic and overwhelming task for new business owners.

Looking into broken links

One of the interesting things about link-building is you can find it in the most unlikely of places. For example, many quality blogging sites out there link to sites that no longer exist.

Considering the number of businesses that have come and gone over the years, it’s only natural there would be plenty of dead links. That said, each link is an opportunity for your company to fill in the void with relevant content.

Furthermore, there are software platforms capable of finding dead links you could potentially use to help your business. All you have to do is let the webmaster know about the dead link and suggest your content instead.

It’s not something that everyone considers, but there are undoubtedly plenty of solutions you can use if you’re willing to look.

Connect with your audience

Last but certainly not least, connect with your audience in every method you can think of. You can use social media to help bridge the gap, as well as focus on customer service to get people talking.

Reply to the feedback you get from your supporters, and foster loyalty to your brand. That way, anything you market through social media gets the engagement your company needs.


Any company that wants to succeed in the industry has to use digital marketing to get the job done. With the link-building strategies above, it’ll be much easier to get search engine algorithms to take notice, giving you the opportunity you need to successfully market your company.

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