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7 Steps On How to Deep Clean A Bathroom

Among all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is the one that gets the most unclean. It becomes heaven to germs and bacteria from time to time. Starting from the toilet bowl to your toothbrush holder, everywhere you will find tons of bacteria and germs if not kept clean.

Genius Tips To Deep Clean A Bathroom

Tips To Deep Clean A Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom is quite complicated work. There is so much to do that might confuse you to find where to begin from. So here are 7 steps from house cleaning company Cleanzen that will guide you to make your bathroom super clean and shiny.

The Preparation

Before you get on with your cleaning, prepare all the things you will be needing. Start with getting a pair of waterproof disposable gloves. Also, gather the tools and cleaning solutions you will be needing. Finally, before starting, take out all the clothing, towels from the bathroom.

The Toilet Bowl

Start with the dirtiest place in your bathroom, the toilet bowl. To clean the bowl quickly, first, rinse it using warm water. It will help you quickly get rid of the grime and stains.

Use a towel to wipe the outside of the bowl and follow it with the toilet cleaner inside. Apply the cleaner in a clockwise or anti-clockwise manner. If your cleaner suggests leaving it for a while, you can move on to the next task. Or scrub and flush the toilet to make it clean.

The Shower or The Bathtub

Before you start cleaning the shower or your bathtub, declutter the areas. Move your shower equipment, toys to some other place. Next, use an all-purpose cleaning solution to scrub the surfaces.

Also, clear the drain methods, so that hair and dirt don’t jam the waterway. After you have cleaned the surfaces and removed any stains or grime, use warm water to wash the covers.

Sink Cleaning

Cleaning the sink is quite similar to cleaning your tub. Begin with decluttering, and then apply the all-purpose cleaner to scrub the stains. Clean the drain way like before.

If you do not want to use chemicals for the drains, you can use half a baking soda and vinegar cup. Finish up by washing with water.

Floor and Wall

To clean the walls, ceiling and floor, start with spraying the all-purpose cleaner all over the surfaces. Next, turn on your shower or bathtub and set the temperature to high.

The steam created from it will help to clean the surfaces. After leaving it for 15 minutes, use a cloth or a mop to wipe everything up.

The towels

The towels inside your bathroom also get contaminated with germs and bacteria. So, when you clean the bathroom, you can throw them in your washing machine and clean using the sanitizing setting. If your device doesn’t provide the setting, you can use bleach or vinegar to clean them.

The Vents

Your bathroom vents are quite an essential part of cleaning up. To accomplish it first, you need to turn them off. Open up the grill using a screwdriver and get on with the cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to clean the vents manually.


Cleaning the bathroom can be pretty tricky and time-consuming to do. But if you know some tricks and organize your way to work, you can accomplish it very effectively and quickly. The steps in this article are super suitable for the purpose. So why wait? Make your bathroom clean and tidy right away.

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