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Is There A Way to Spy On Someone’s iPhone?

A parent and a spouse have always been curious about their child and wife’s or husband’s phone activities to unravel what they are up to! That’s why you must be thinking about some ways to spy on a device, let it be an iPhone or Android, without letting them know.

Yes, it’s possible to track an iPhone remotely and silently!

Way to Spy On Someone's iPhone

Not surprisingly, there are several ways people can spy on these days. But this article will showcase one best way, using the Spylix software to spy on someone’s iPhone, which is highly user-friendly.

If you opt for any of these methods to spy on targeted iPhones, it’s guaranteed to fetch you the efficient results you desire!

Spying with an iPhone Spy Software, Spylix

Before moving any further, you must be straightforward with your desire about why you need a cell phone spy app. Fathoming your reason will let you decide what to look for in an iPhone spy application.

Several questions might perturb your mind, such as if your loved ones are cheating, or if you are a parent who wants to monitor your kid’s activity, or if you are an employer worried about the reasons for your employees slacking off.

In most cases, Spylix suits the best. Here is what it can do.

iPhone Spy Software - Spylix

Assessing your kid

Parents are always in the worst fear of not knowing their kids! That’s why they use Spylix to assess their kids’ location, mobile activities and keep tabs on wherever they visit. Spylix can silently spy text messages and do a lot more.

With this solution, you can also monitor your kid’s GPS locations, photos, Facebook, WhatsApp activity, SMS text messages, call details, and web activity.

Snooping on your partner’s activity

If you suspect your spouse’s cheating on you, Spylix software helps you by tracking their iPhones and extracting their private text messages, videos, and photos from their device.

Supervising your employees

Some organizations have been facing issues with productivity, theft, and misconduct. This iPhone spy app, Spylix, holds them accountable for their mischievous deeds.

What do you require?

  • No jailbreaking anyone’s iPhone.
  • Seamless access to anyone’s device or information of their login details after installing Spylix remotely.
  • Keep iPhone interconnected to the internet for further installation.
  • Buy Spylix subscription.

Spylix is one of the best spyware for the iPhone to look into other devices. More than 60,000 users have bought and renewed the Spylix application annually. It’s entirely imperceptible on a targeted iPhone and lets you spy on everything occurring on this iPhone device.

Now, you would have quick access to someone’s social media chats happening anywhere globally.

Top Features of Spylix app

Track text messages

Spylix lets you track text messages that are sent or received or even deleted. All the data can be accessed quickly from someone’s targeted device, and you can read the content.

Moreover, the date and time of receiving and sending messages are showcased on the control panel, providing information on the sender’s and the receiver’s identity.

Remote control

Nowadays, smartphones tend to get abducted during the day out. But with Spylix software, you can delete any valuable information, which might be risky if your iPhone lands on some spiteful person.

Organize calls history

You will gain the seamless ability to see all the incoming and outgoing calls of anyone’s iPhone with Spylix installed. On the other hand, the software showcases the call duration and what time it was made.

A similar feature of Spylix will also let you block some phone calls from predefined numbers from the control panel.

Enable GPS location spying

As the current location of the user’s iPhone can be tracked, parents can enable such GPS location tracking to spy on their kids and spouses.

View the internet usage

Spylix possesses the competency to showcase all the URLs and websites, which the user surfs. It will enable you to track and understand the user’s intention by cross-checking the tracked internet history.

How does the Spylix software work?

Installation of this application is pretty hassle-free, and everyone can do it without using any technical jargon. The steps of downloading this software are shown below.

  • Buy one of the two probable plans available for Spylix, which are accessible and budget-friendly.
  • Once installed, connect the app to your spouse or child’s iPhone using their iCloud access details.
  • Hold for a few minutes for the app to upload all the results of that targeted iPhone to your iPhone’s dashboard.
  • It’s done, and now you can start spying in real-time.

Are you dealing with any issues during such installation? You would be happier to know about its free 24/7 support. You might also avail of its paid support service, named mAssistance, to help you target the intended iPhone.

What to know before installing Spylix on an iPhone?

Spylix is one of the few tracking applications for your iPhone, which doesn’t need jailbreaking your phone.

Don’t know about jailbreaking? Let us explain.

To put it simply, jailbreaking means cracking the device. It includes the removal of restrictions placed by Apple on iPhones. However, it may bring risks to the user who owns the phone.

As Spylix doesn’t require jailbreaking, it keeps your loved ones safe from all kinds of cyber threats, while giving you the power to spy on them at the same time. Isn’t it a best of both worlds solution?


In the above article, you have learned the process of tracking an iPhone, and before that, you should have a robust reason to do that. As per experts, Spylix is the best-in-class way to spy on an iPhone as it is considered the most convenient and superior among other software.

You can pick this affordable yet the best spyware, which is renowned on this date. Spylix is loaded with the appropriate set of features, which anyone needs to watch over any targeted users. You have to do a few clicks and spy on everything happening on your partner’s iPhone without worrying about getting caught.

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