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How to Make Your Dumb Garage Smart

The smart home is here, now, and a wide variety of applications, appliances and devices are making their way into the average residence. But even with so many devices now touting the “smart” moniker and internet-connectivity, there are a select few devices that are truly worth upgrading.

How to Make Your Dumb Garage Smart


That doesn’t mean smart devices, in general, aren’t useful. However, there are a couple things you can do to completely overhaul your home experience. One of those things is a smart lock, offering remote and keyless entry. Another is a smart speaker -like Echo or Google Home – that can interface with other devices.

Another is a garage door opener. Traditionally, garage door openers are controlled via wireless remotes and/or wall-mounted buttons. With a smart garage door opener, though, you can also control the entry with a smartphone app.

Why Would You Want a “Smart” Garage Door Opener?

The next generation of garage door openers, if you will, are those that can be both controlled and monitored remotely via smartphone apps. It’s just easier to open the door with a smartphone or set it to automatically open when you drive up. But there’s also something so soothing about being able to check on your home while you’re miles away.

Have you ever driven away from your home only to realize you forgot to lock the door or left your garage door wide open? With a smart opener you can close it remotely via your phone, or even check its status.

How to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener?

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to replace your entire garage door opener – which is expensive – to make it truly smart. There are a variety of devices, many you’ll find on Ideaing’s thorough list, that allow you to add the internet connectivity to your opener after the fact.

Most of these devices work the same. You connect a module to your garage door opener which syncs up with another that is then connected to your router or local network. Chamberlain’s MyQ doesn’t have any such module, instead it syncs up via the conventional wireless protocols with select brand models.

Once installed, you can then open and close your garage door from a mobile app. You can also monitor its status, like seeing whether it’s open or closed, and even what time it was altered. This allows you to do things like let a family or friend into your home, or even to see when your kids or partner arrived home.

Some even include a camera like Asante’s Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit. That allows you to tap into a live feed of what’s happening inside your garage. So, not only can you see when a door has opened, you can see who has opened it and entered and what they’re doing.

All in all, smart garage door openers are so great because the garage is a common entry to any home and it’s super easy to leave it open, even by accident. You get the remote access to close or open it from miles away, and you get the remote monitoring to keep you informed about what’s happening at home.

They’re not expensive either and there are a ton of options at your disposal, so take your pick and get that garage door smartened up. You won’t regret it.

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