Different Types of Welder Generators

Are you having a welding project in the countryside where electric mains does not reach? Working on such projects can be a challenge. You have to make the structure and transport it to the targeted destination. This can be tedious, especially when the element is hard to transport.

It can be mindboggling to figure out how to weld when away from the electric power source. Fortunately, this should no longer be an issue. You can weld on any area without recurring the mains connection. The only you need is to acquire a welder generator.

Different Types of Welder Generators

What is a welder generator?

This generator uses fuel to power the welding machines. Like other generators, they produce electric current for use in welding equipment wherever you need them.

This aspect makes welder generators a perfect idea for indoors, and outdoor, where accessing the main power supply is a challenge. They are highly portable and fit for different welding activities.

These welding power generators work both as welder and voltage power sources. You can use them to power up other electric devices and lamps needed in your welding site without causing a power loss. They also produce a steady circuit and adapt to your site power needs. So, you won’t worry about using them to handle various surfaces such as concrete drilling and cutting steel.

However, these generators are not the same. They differ in the type of fuel they require to power up, their efficiency, and suitability for various welding tasks. Here are the different types of welder generators in the market today.

Diesel welder generators

As the term suggests, diesel welder generators use diesel to power up. These generators are a good option due to their high efficiency and low fuel consumption. They generate power that creates an electric arch for fusing metal pieces. Also, they have an option for connecting auxiliary equipment such as cutters, lamps, grinders, and wire feeders.

Diesel welder generators

Apart from being fuel-economical, these machines are suitable for areas with extreme conditions. They can serve you well in cold environments. So, they are a good idea when looking for a durable welding generator.

Petrol/gasoline welder generators

Petrol or gasoline welder generators are the next type of generators for welding. These generators come in different models. They are highly portable than the diesel ones. Also, you can easily find a petrol welder generator within your budget.

Their operation model is another reason for choosing one. Gasoline generators are quiet and produce less carbon dioxide. It will make the site uncomfortable due to smelly fumes, which is the case with diesel generators. They also power up easily, even in extreme conditions.

However, this type of generator is suitable for light load welding needs. They cannot supply the same power as a diesel welder generator.

Again, you can use them for simple welding purposes. These generators become hot within a short period of use. So, you need to use it temporarily or during infrequent activities or situations where a diesel generator will be inefficient.

LPG welder generators

With global warming and climate change, everyone seeks ways to lower carbon emissions. This aspect is among the priorities for welders opting for the LPG-powered welder generators. Like their counterparts, these generators use liquefied gas as their powering fuel.

These generators stand out as the most efficient and cleanest power sources. They are a good idea when working on areas with emission restrictions. Also, they have a compact design and size, making them highly portable. The LPG welder generators are more efficient and economical than others in this list.

However, they can only work on low-duty welds. You cannot rely on them when handling large-scale outdoor welding projects. Again, they might have issues offering a steady and consistent circuit.

Despite this aspect, they are an excellent option for extreme indoor environments. These gas-powered generators run more easily than the rest. As well, they are a good choice for environment-conscious welders.

Wrapping up

As you can see, different types of welder generators are available. These generators vary in their fuel use, efficiency and application. For instance, diesel generators are the best choice for heavy duty outdoor welding projects due to their ability to produce consistent and steady circuits.

Gasoline and LPG welder generators become a better choice when portability is a priority. These portable rigs have a compact design and shape. Also, they light easily, even in extreme conditions. LPG generators stand out in spaces with carbon emission limits.

For this reason, you should consider different aspects to determine the best type of portable welding rig to purchase. Otherwise, each of these types will help you accomplish your welding chores in areas without an electric power supply.

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