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6 Online Games to Play to Make Money

No longer is gaming considered a futile diversion. In today’s high-tech modern era, among other ways and means of earning money, online gaming occupies an esteemed slot.

Play Online Games for Money

Technological innovations over the past few years have led to the gaming industry becoming a superb money-minting avenue not only for developers but also for talented gamers.

Real Money Games or RMG’s is the term coined for such games that enable the interested takers to earn real cash by playing games. Here, we cite six of them.

1] Rummy Online

It is one of the simplest, most engaging, and lucrative gaming options which allows players to win handsome cash by playing the skill-based 13-Card Rummy game of cards.

Land at, register yourself with the site, learn the game by practising on free practice tables, and head for the cash rummy tournaments to energise your senses, and make real cash.

You can also download the free rummy app on your smartphone, and play the exciting rummy games on the go. Some other note-worthy features of this safe and secure game are easy withdrawals, and excellent customer support services in multiple languages.

2] Swagbucks

What started off as an online rewards program that showered rewards on members for using the Swagbucks search engine, has now transfigured itself into a GPT portal. At Swagbucks, players can make money for activities they had already been doing online.

Needless to say, playing games is one of the ultimate ways to mint cash on this site. Regarding the choice of games, users get to play the common word and arcade games.

You earn credits or Swagbucks, which can afterwards be redeemed in the form of Amazon gift cards, coupon codes, other great prizes, or even cash to be transferred to your PayPal account.

3] Exodus3000

It is one of the most favoured multiplayer RPG strategy games. Players move into a future time frame, which is approximately a thousand years from now. It is based on the theme that the Earth ceases to be a sustainable living planet due to a devastating occurrence.

All the residents have to locate minerals and ‘Mars Dollars’ right from their home base. Mars Dollars is the gaming currency here. How to collect Mars Dollars? In three ways – by rummaging through ruins, mining volcanoes, and attacking other players.

When you have an adequate amount, you can get real money for it. The game is simple and great fun. Also, it is easy to get rewards. Moreover, you get a decent Welcome Bonus on signing up as a member.

4] SecondLife

A rumour that does rounds in gaming circles is that Anshe Chungthe garnered millions by playing games here. No two opinions, it is one of the largest gaming websites with more than 2 million active players, and each player coming across others using their avatar or a three-dimensional character. What kind of gaming activities are available here?

Real estate business, i.e., purchasing and selling virtual properties, producing and selling content, clothing, and gadgets. You can also perform at events and rock concerts. Players can earn money even for such simple activities as sitting on camping chairs.

5] PaidGamePlayer

This website offers competition-based online gaming, with more than 25 online games on the platter. Compete against other players in games like Bejewelled 2, Zuma, and Family Feud. The primary objective here is to fight your way to the winners’ circle.

Free membership allows players to earn small amounts by playing games. Upgraded members can get access to more rewards, and the winnings also become more profitable.

However, there is a fee that you to pay to get your membership upgraded. You can also make money on this website by taking surveys, reviewing games, and trying various commodities.

6] Gamesville

It is one of the pioneers in gaming sites where users can make money by playing games. Created by Lycos, a web-based search engine prevalent since 1999, it offers web-based games that enable players to earn GV Rewards – the game currency, which can be converted into cash or prizes.

Earn GV Rewards by playing and winning tournaments, crushing high scores, through Bingo, and with slots as well. Anybody from any corner of the world can play at this portal, provided the person is aged 18+. Players get to indulge in some cool games like Magic 21, Quick-Draw Poker, Hot Streak Solitaire, and Super Chef, etc.

In a Nutshell

Making money while playing your favourite online games is undoubtedly a win-win situation. The games mentioned in the article will not only entertain you to the hilt but also enable you to earn good money. See which one suits your taste, try your hand at it, and generate some income with your gaming insight.

For some peaceful mind-boggling fun, play rummy online. Love exploring space? Opt for Exodus3000. Like to don dream avatars? SecondLife is your call. Happy Gaming!

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