Plane Games: The Best Airplane Games Of 2022

Have you set your eyes on the skies? There are plenty of games to choose from when it comes to plane games. You can pick out articulated military games, easy-to-learn arcade-like games, or complex simulators that will make you work.

Our job is simple; to help you make the best choice possible from the available selection in the game industry. That said, let’s have a look at our selection.

Best Airplane And Flying Games Ever

Best Airplane And Flying Games

Battle of Stalingrad

Are you a history enthusiast? To be specific, World War II? The game we recommend that you play this year is IL-2 Sturmovik. This plane game has set itself apart from its competitors with its fluidity, graphics, and gameplay.

You might be thinking that it might be hard to master the controls for the game. But you will be surprised. Beginners have cited how easy and refreshing IL-2 Sturmovik is.

One thing we must mention about this game is the quality of the graphics. You will be surprised by how smooth and realistic it is. For example, an enemy fighter jet may fly in the direction of the sun to blind you and make you lose sight of them. How realistic is that?

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft is not only good at making Operating Systems; it seems they have expanded their wings. Pun intended. This game was launched in 2020 and was well received by the gaming community.

As the name suggests, the game expertly simulates the experience of being in the air, looking down from above. If you have plans of escalating your love to real life, the Microsoft Flight Simulator is a good option for paving the way for your future.

However, it is to be noted that the loading time on this game is wanting.

War Thunder

If you are looking for an authentic feel of a military airplane ballistic experience, War Thunder is the game for you. This masterpiece is the work of developer Gaijin. Save for the user experience, you feel as though you are in the war itself by being able to use maneuvers and tactics to outsmart your enemies.

This game not only boasts a wide selection of planes. Should you be tired of the skies, you can choose to try out the game on the water using naval ships or on the earth using tanks. The range of options available to a player is what makes War Thunder such a beautiful game to play.

X-Plane 11

If you are looking for a modern option than the archaic dog-fighting plane game, choose the X-Plane 11. The graphics on the X-plane are smoother than most and it doesn’t ask you to memorize thousands of controls just to get the plane off the ground.

What makes X-plane an easy sell is ‘how realistic the game’ is. As you fly through the air, you can feel every quirk and bump and pull of the air as you pull and turn away from enemy aircraft. Don’t believe us? Have a try at the game and you will be completely lured in by the engrossing nature of the graphics.

Xtreme Air Racing

The name by itself should give you an indication of what you are signing up for by playing this game. Xtreme Air Racing has proved to be one of the best plane games of the year with its unique concept, thrill, and unique user experience.

Xtreme Air Racing offers players the chance to race one another on customized planes at very high speeds. You get to either race the AI aircraft or other players who have logged onto the platform.  Your reflexes will be put to the test as you fly over different obstacle courses, trying to get an advantage over your opponents.

What is unique about the game is that it offers you a unique experience compared to the military feel and simulation experience of some games on this list.

Super flight

Flying around is no longer limited to sitting in the cockpit and mastering thousands and thousands of controls. With a wingsuit, one can take to the sky and enjoy the feel of the air on one’s face. That is what Super flight has to offer.

The purpose of the game is to fly down hazardous paths either between mountain peaks or ice formations, racking up points on your way. The more dangerous you fly, the more points you get.

Apart from being a thrilling game, Super flight allows you to just sit back and enjoy the feeling. You can’t say the same of other games in this list.


There you have it! The best plane games for you to while away the day away and also enjoy the rush of blood to the head. This is a great place to begin, as it will give you the same thrill and excitement? Joining the leading betting platform in the industry, Parimatch.

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