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What Is the Zero Moment of Truth and Why to Use It?

What is the Zero Moment of Truth on the user’s journey to making a purchase? Why should you keep it in mind when building your company’s marketing strategy? The answer can be found in our post, in which we will suggest what actions can attract the user at this stage of the purchasing process.

Zero Moment of Truth

Zero Moment of Truth – What is it?

The customer’s purchasing journey consists of several key points( One of them is the zero moment of truth, which occurs between the appearance of a stimulus suggesting the need to have a given product or use a service and making a purchase decision.

The user – consumer or entrepreneur – is looking for a given product and information about it online, but the service provider or seller may not know about it yet.

In this way, different marketing channels interact – paid PPC advertising that can become a stimulus, and SEO, i.e. search engine optimization that provides the user with more accurate information and answers his/her doubts and questions.

What content to offer users at stage “0”?

Every year, the number of sources that users become familiar with before making a purchasing decision increases. To make sure that your company is available to the user at the stage of seeking information, it is worth.

  • Checking to see if your website has customer reviews and opinions, buyer guides, and even case studies.
  • Optimizing the website for SEO and mobile devices.
  • Creating visualizations that help the customer make a purchasing decision, such as: product demo versions and online seminars (for B2B customers), videos on YouTube or photos on Instagram (for B2C customers).

If you do not take care of proper website optimization and valuable content on the site, the customer will go to the competition, which appears in the top10 Google search engine results and answers his/her question.

The sales model has changed significantly with the occurrence of the internet, which gives purchasers great opportunities to seek opinions, reviews, references and they willingly use them.

Even in 2011, before making a purchase, the user browsed only 10 sources of information, and 4 years later on average 22, with 40 sources in the travel and hotel industry!

Online strategies that will allow you to be present at purchasing stage 0

Online Marketing Strategies

What online strategies should be used so that the user notices you at the stage of searching for sources of information? Discover 5 key activities!

  1. Get original product reviews from existing customers.
  2. Develop consistent communication on social media that will present you as a flexible and active expert in your industry.
  3. Set up a blog that will allow you to dispel doubts of your customers, and at the same time create inspiration for posts on Social Media channels and newsletters for yourself.
  4. Invest in an interesting e-mail marketing campaign – see for yourself that it will pay for itself! Research shows that USD 1.00 invested in such activities brings USD 38.00 in profit.
  5. Do not forget about paid campaigns, which also constitute a source of significant profit.

Winning in the competition for customers is a lengthy process, not one-off actions. To achieve success, you need to have marketing knowledge and regularly create needed, extraordinary and engaging content.

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