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How To Find If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

The fear to be cheated on these days is real. It is a fact that not everyone cheats, but once you get cheated on the fear never goes away. It’s hard to trust again. It never hurts to keep a check. It’s probably better than getting your heart broken again.

Warning Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Hidden signs your partner might be cheating on you

If you think that your partner is cheating on you, you can ignore it, but the feeling never goes away. You will keep wondering if he/she is cheating or not. So, the better solution is to look for signs rather than ignoring it. Keeping a check on your partner is not even hard these days.

You have social media, which is the best place to keep tabs on people. Just keep in mind that you are probably paranoid, there is no need to be bothered until you have some proof.

Here are some ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you or not.

1) Pay attention

Pay deep attention to their behavior. Observe changes in their regular or normal? Or there is something suspicious about that? Are they coming late then their regular time? Or Are they giving you much attention? Are they ignoring you? Do they smell like someone else?

Do they have a “new friend” that they have been spending a lot of time with? Are they on their phone a lot lately? Have been frustrated with you but just normal with everyone else? These and thousand more questions that you need to ask yourself before digging any deeper.

Keep your mind open to other possibilities, they might have too much work, or they might be going through a situation and do not want to involve you. There could be thousands of things they might be going in their mind. If you find any of the above-mentioned questions to be true.

You need to calm yourself and ask them directly. There is no one else in the world who could clear your mind rather the person himself.

2) Cell Phone Lookup

Getting your partner phone checked has gotten so much easier with the technology. You can check their whole phone activity, in no time. Who they are texting. What are the texts about? The time of texts and calls. The entire call logs. You can even track their location down by just tracking their cell phones.

Now the real question is how to get their phone checked? You can track them down from their phone number, by their name, etc. there are several cell phone lookup apps and websites available. That will serve you for this purpose.

You can also ask for a favor from a friend who works in software or a telephone company. They have the whole log of confidential data. But keep in mind that is an offensive crime.

3) Do they trust you?

Building & Repairing Trust

Usually, when people are cheating on you with someone else, they stop trusting you. They won’t let you get any closer then you are. They will not let you go through their phone. Or in some cases, through their computer. They try to corner themselves from you. They will be reluctant to go out with you.

And They will stop complimenting you because they even do not notice you anymore. Long story short, they will not do any of the stuff you use to do before. They will isolate themselves from you, your family, your friends, and sometime they will not hang out with your mutual friends anymore.

4) Are they extra nice to you lately?

It is human psychology that they try to make things up to you, once they screw up. Any kind to change in behavior, harsh or kind, is suspicious. If he/she has been bringing you flowers and making you dinner, without any reason. It’s time to ask them why their behavior has been changing.

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