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How to Create and Send Bitcoin Invoices

Are you interested in earning bitcoins? Cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of momentum at the moment. For freelancers, it is an opportunity to expand their businesses globally by invest in cryptocurrency. Where some are eager to put their hands in the bitcoin market, others are still confused.

Create and Send Bitcoin Invoices

The whole bitcoin invoice thing is intimidating people with the age of payment gateways allowing cryptocurrency invoicing. So let’s find out what the fuss is all about and if it can be in your benefit.

1] Why getting paid in cryptocurrency is a good investment?

Apart from fast transactions, no chargebacks, and low transaction fees, cryptocurrency offers you safety because of its decentralized nature. It means that no Government has control over your bitcoin wallet and is open to all.

Unlike keeping funds in the bank where the Government can exercise its authority, no one can touch your cryptocurrency wallet.

Also, you do not need to have a bank account to earn in bitcoins. You can start receiving the choice of your cryptocurrency by sending invoices to your client. It is your digital currency that you can later convert in fiat currency, namely dollar, euro, pounds, and more.

2] What is the math behind bitcoin?

If you are confused about how you can get earning in cryptocurrency, it is quite simple. Many organizations around the world are now choosing to pay their employees in bitcoins.

What they are doing is they are paying some fraction of the salaries to their employees in bitcoins and crediting the rest in their regular bank accounts. It is like an investment for the employees, and this is exceedingly leading towards its promotion.

By using crypto invoicing software like Coinbase, Blockonomics, and more that are available in the market, your fiat currency will convert into cryptocurrency that stays in the wallet. It is not a physical currency and not something that you can see. It is the value that you will see in your system that you can convert it into fiat currency whenever you want.

You may question why to get paid in bitcoins at all and what is the use when later you will likely to convert it in fiat currency. The number one reason is the value of bitcoin. A thousand dollars that you have as bitcoin value can grow five times or more, making you an enormous profit.

The ability of the cryptocurrency to multiply quickly is what lures an individual. For this reason, more and more people are willing to invest in cryptocurrency. It is becoming to be one of the most reliable and lucrative freelancers invoicing methods.

According to a survey in the US, the freelancer market is risking quickly. Getting paid is the number one concern, and cryptocurrency is making lives easy. With no to minimum transaction charges, quick payments, and a considerable way of investment, it is catching quite an attention these days.

Freelancers and small business owners are in particularly willing to send bitcoin invoices to their clients. Whatever little or more they make, it gets converted into bitcoin value that you can use it later.

Do know that where there is a possibility of it multiplying in huge numbers, there can also be a chance when the value drops down to nothing. There are risks, but compared to the benefits it offers, people are still willing to invest a fraction in cryptocurrency.

3] How to create a bitcoin invoice?

First of all, you need to get crypto invoicing software. Usually, an invoicing software that has the option to send money internationally will have the option of cryptocurrency as well.

Though, not all invoicing software can help you with cryptocurrencies. If you are particularly willing to invest in bitcoins, choose an invoicing software that allows you to create cryptocurrency invoices.

The method to create and send bitcoin invoices is almost the same in software applications that are available in the market. The best part about invoicing software is that it lets you do a lot more other than sending invoices.

You can maintain reports, do accounting and bookkeeping or send payment gateway links in the emails of the client where they can directly pay you. It saves a lot of time than traditional banking systems. Within a couple of hours, you receive the payment.

In simpler terms, you need to sign up by providing basic information like that in Coinbase, Any pay, Blockonomics, or any such software applications. The next step will be to choose the choice of fiat currency and “add the public address” that you will send to the client to receive the cryptocurrency.

Once you have your account ready, the next step is to create an invoice. For that, you need to “add the client” in the “Payment Request” tab. The terminology can be different depending on the software application you use. Under the payment sections, there will be an option to send an invoice for your choice of cryptocurrency.

The request for QR code is also available, which makes the transactions end to end encrypted, making the transaction in a high-security online medium.

All that is left to do is to add the information of the client you want to send the invoice and enter the dues. The client will receive the bitcoin invoice and will make the transaction. The client will be paying in the fiat currency, which will convert to bitcoin that you will receive as the amount. Isn’t that easy?

From keeping track of the invoices to creating and sending it to your clients, all becomes hassle-free with crypto invoicing software.

A tip to note

Getting an invoicing software that has options for multiple fiat currencies, and also let you have the choice of cryptocurrencies is the one to invest. It makes the client’s job effortless to pay and also serves your purpose of creating quick invoices.

Time is money and making investments no matter how small can be those wise decision that can make you feel proud in the future. Bitcoin invoice is gaining momentum and is only logical to think about and do research so that your business can benefit from it too.

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