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4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google AdWords – A Quick Brush-Up of Facts

Google AdWords is an incredibly popular advertising tool and although it’s easy to maintain your PPC campaign. There are a number of features within AdWords which you may not know about. AdWords is a tool which has been packed powerfully with lots of features to assist you in getting the most out of your search engine marketing efforts. AdWords can be utilized for driving traffic, lead generation, branding and for promoting content.

Things You Don’t Know About Google Adwords

Google Adwords

The concerns of this article will break down some lesser known yet valuable features of Google AdWords so that you can maximize your AdWords performance.

#1: Bidding strategies of AdWords

Do you think you have been facing impediments while reaching some acquisition goals? If answered yes, it may be the right time to check out some AdWords bit strategies. Achieving certain goals and maintaining a few conditions within your AdWords campaigns sometime require constant attention and leveraging bid strategies can help you in automating some tasks for you.

Flexible strategies for bidding can automatically set bids to optimize for your performance goals through specific ad groups, campaigns and keywords. You can have certain goals in mind while managing bids, target search page location, enhanced CPC, maximize clicks, target CPA and target ROAS.

#2: Shared library

The shared library is a place where you may get an archive of lists that can be shared through your AdWords account to modify and change certain characteristics of a campaign. You can share a number of lists including audiences, ads, bid strategies, negative keywords, budgets and placement exclusions.

You can just create these lists within the library and then share it with other ad groups and campaign in the account. This saves your time as instead of manually creating and uploading every single list for the campaigns, you can soon share them through multiple platforms.

#3: Rules and regulations for AdWords bids

Adwords Bids

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The Bid rules of Adwords are almost similar to the bid strategies as both of them are meant for automation of your account but the only difference is that you set bid rules as against letting Google make certain changes based on your ultimate goals.

The automated bid rules can be utilised for different tasks but some of the common uses include raising or lowering keyword bids, scheduling ads and also getting alerts when certain conditions are accomplished in your AdWords account.

#4: Auction Insights Report

If you want to know how exactly you stack up against your competitors in the industry, the Auctions Insights Report will give you helpful information. When you drill down to a particular keyword or to a set of keywords, click on ‘details’ and bring the auction insights menu.

Once you’re done with choosing your keywords, you can see buttons like Avg. Position, Impression Share, Position Above Rate, Top of Page Rate and Overlap Rate. It is always a smart idea to see how much overlap you have with your jittery competitors.

When it comes to AdWords Management, knowing the nitty-gritty details of your AdWords account is necessary. If you were ignorant of them till now, use the information given above to improve your knowledge. 🙂

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