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The Best Small Business Apps That Every Entrepreneur Should Try

Most small businesses are prospering since they are run by some best-known apps. There are many apps currently used to run the business more effectively, like RescueTime or Square, that will help to save your time and optimize all the business tasks per day. Other can be useful in searching the information regarding some topic or task.

Best Small Business Apps

For instance, when you have to make a business trip and there is a need in looking for a comfort way of transportation, you can easily save precious time on that task with App, which will do it for you! Let’s say you need to rent a car near airport in Orlando, in this case you just submit a request like “Enterprise Orlando airport address” and this app will provide you with information and the best deals.

Apart from car rental applications, nowadays you can find a wide variety of other businesses applications, using which you are more likely to raise your business income and become successful.

So in this article we collected some of greatest business apps of 2019.

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1] RescueTime

The app is used to track the time you spend onto the website and applications automatically. It then sends all detailed reports to you concerning the activities which will give you the entire picture of the way your day was spent.

It enables you to set alert which will alarm you the time you want to spend onto a certain activity like when reading news, block distracting websites, or social networking.

2] Square

It is known as the best app for point-of-sale and it’s free hence enabling you to apply the android, iPad, or iPhone device so you can accept debit and credit card payments from the clients.

After downloading this app and signing up all square services, you will receive a square-shaped, tiny magstripe reader by mail which will directly plug towards the mobile device. When using this reader, you can directly swipe your clients’ cards on the tablet or phone then conduct all transactions through the app onscreen.

Your device will then be effectively turned towards POS streamlined system which is mobile and easy in usage.

3] Xero

The app has got paid subscription service which helps all daily accounting activities of the business like the accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchase orders, and employee payrolls.

You are free to save data onto the cloud then access it using mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, or the laptop and this shows how safe your information will be if an error occurs with your device.

The Xero app helps you to handle all accounting information in your mobile device wherever you are. It has real-time accounting which enables you to easily and quickly know your cash-flow track.

4] HelloSign

It is regarded as the best application for all legal documents since every small business needs signing paperwork. The application enables you to immediately sign your documents wherever you are. It has got paid and free subscription service alternatives.

When you accurately plan your business using HelloSign, you can easily scan, sign, edit, and send all documents using your mobile devices. When you download this app, you will get free of three documents every month. You will get an option of upgrading one among the three paid plans: the enterprise, Pro, and Business.

It then ranges from $13 to around $40 every month among various features which include; branding, data validation, audit trail, signer access code, in-person signing, together with team transaction overview.

5] QuickBooks

It is an accounting application which helps you to run all your business transactions as well as providing the financial health sense for your company.

The quick books are used in tracking down the business expenses and sales, viewing the financial statements like loss and profit reports, paying the vendors and employees, maximizing tax deductions, tracking the unpaid invoices, among others.

The application can easily connect into many of accounts which among them are the business bank accounts, square and PayPal, and credit cards with uploading data seamlessly from the sources.

It enables you to easily do the business taxes since it can track all expenses then enable you to upload the receipt photos all from the phone. When you use online QuickBooks, it will enable you to easily access them using your device.

6] FreshBooks

The app can give small freelance workers and business owner a simple way of managing and tracking the invoices. You can create a professional personalized-looking invoice which can match the business. It enables you to bill the recurring invoices to your clients automatically, as accepting the credit cards using the mobile devices.

The app can also be able to organize and track expense from wherever you are and creating great customized business reports like trading account and income statements.

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